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Episode 152: 52 Episodes in 52 Weeks- Our One Year Anniversary!

business tips Nov 10, 2021

What is required in this Industry: persistence, consistence, and tenacity.

Episode 101: The 6 Business Tools Every Actor Must Have

Episode 102: What is Your Strength Story?

Episode 103: 3 Tips to Up your Voiceover Auditions with Roger Becker

Episode 104: What to Get Your Reps for the Holidays & The Crucial Follow up List

Episode 105: What Would You Do if You Were Brave?

Episode 106: The 3 Must-Knows Before Beginning Your Content Creation Journey with Bill Timoney

Episode 107: Social Media for Actors - The 5 Things you Absolutely Need to Know with Heidi Dean

Episode 108: Goal Setting for the Actor

Episode 109: How to Maintain Your Actor Goals

Episode 110: Why Your Sound Sucks, Common Mistakes Voice Actors are Making from Home with Frank Verderosa

Episode 111: Affirmations, Energy and Truth & Our Consensus

Episode 112: Three Steps to Learning an Accent with Amanda Quaid

Episode 113: Your Life's (and Career's) Potential

Episode 114: How to Get the Most out of Your Acting Class with Scott Freeman

Episode 115: The Notebook Every Working Actor Needs

Episode 116: An Interview with Robert Creighton

Episode 117: I Am Fear

Episode 118: Keep Yourself Sharp! Interview with Katie Flahive

Episode 119: Intimacy on the Set w/ Amy Northup

Episode 120: Limiting Beliefs and Empowering Questions

Episode 121: Life Coaching for the Actor

Episode 122: Interview w/ CD Mary Egan-Callahan

Episode 123: Is Your Resume Speaking the Right Language?

Episode 124: Interview with Bicoastal Manager Malissa Young

Episode 125: The Courage to be Yourself

Episode 126: Interview with Casting Director David Cady

Episode 127: The Journey of Mistakes

Episode 128: Working Actor Series- Interview with Maria Dizzia

Episode 129: The Art of Detachment

Episode 130: Interview with Voice Director & Casting Dir. Ed Lewis

Episode 131: How Resentment is Holding You Back in Your Career

Episode 132: The Working Actor Series with Mark Ivanir

Episode 133: Anxiety Over Everything Opening Up - Let’s Talk

Episode 134: Interview with Emmy Award Winning & Tony Award Nom. Eric Nelsen

Episode 135: Actor Burnout & Overwhelm

Episode 136: The Working Actor Series with Joel Steingold

Episode 137: Actor Wisdom from Billie Jean King

Episode 138: Interview with Casting Director Andy Roth

Episode 139: Actor Imposter Syndrome

Episode 140: Co-Executive Producer on DC's STARGIRL Steve Harper

Episode 141: Self Care for Actors

Episode 142: From Hollywood to Bollywood- Interview with Mark Bennington

Episode 143: The 10,000 Hour Rule

Episode 144: Interview with Working Actor & Editor Anthony Arkin

Episode 145: Owning Your Power as an Actor

Episode 146: Interview with LA Theatrical Agent Melissa Berger Brennan

Episode 147: Perfectionism and the Actor

Episode 148: Interview with Stewart Talent's Jason Sasportas

Episode 149: The Fear of Success

Episode 150: Interview with ICM Agent Jen Rudin

Episode 151: Interview with Independent Casting Director Adrienne Stern


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