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Episode 131: How Resentment is Holding You Back in Your Career

core work Jun 16, 2021

Think of something that happened to you that you’ve held with you throughout your career and created some sort of thought attached to it.

Think about how that instance is holding you back.

“Forgiving is not forgetting, it’s letting go of the hurt.”

Resentment- the only person it’s hurting is you.

Think of resentment as a replay on a football field.

When you have a resentment, and replay what happened in your head, you are reseeing it.

Ex: Two guys collide, and you hear the break of the bone, and the commentators go ooh that was a bad break, and they watch it again. The next time you swear the sound got clarified, louder, and you swear the grimace of the guy who got hurt got bigger, the color got brighter.

And each time they play it again, the sound gets louder, the color gets brighter.

Resentment does just that.

“Don’t allow someone to live rent free in your head.”

How many resentments do I have that are taking up energy and space?

This is the question: Can I love myself enough to let go of my need to be right so that I can have inner peace?

You can’t buy peace of mind, you need to earn it.

Empowering Questions:

  • What or who am I resentful of?
  • What do I feel they did to me?
  • How can I see this from their point of view?
  • What pay off or benefit am I receiving from hanging on to this resentment?
  • By not letting go of this resentment, how does this keep me stuck?
  • What limiting beliefs have I developed because of this resentment?
  • How are these limiting beliefs being utilized in my career?
  • How can I stop practicing these limiting beliefs so I can move forward?

Tools from Previous Episodes:

More Empowering Questions:

  • What would my career or life look like if I no longer practiced these beliefs?
  • What would it feel like without that resentment?
  • You have a choice of what goes on in your head, use your mind to govern your brain.
  • What are you thinking and are those thoughts healthy?

Take responsibility for your resentments and set yourself free.