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Episode 144: Interview with Working Actor & Editor Anthony Arkin

acting training Sep 15, 2021

About Anthony:

Anthony Arkin is an actor and filmmaker best known for his work on THE AMERICANS (FX), nominated for Best Ensemble Cast at the 2019 SAG Awards. His directorial debut (feature documentary STATE OF ROCK) premiered at the 2008 Santa Fe Film Festival where he won Best Editing. Since then Arkin has directed and/or edited dozens of films and series. His work has shown at Sundance, Berlin, NY Anthology Film Archive, Telluride, Fantasia, Frightfest and various other festivals around the world. His feature film, SENDER, will be out Fall of 2021.

The importance of remaining teachable.

Enjoying the day-to-day of it instead of fantasizing.

Enjoyment of getting up in the morning and doing new things.

Admit you have limitations and things to learn as an actor.

It is essential as an actor to create your own work.

When you have a job you come prepared for a performance.

The ability to keep your energy primed for long days on set is extraordinary. It’s about physical, mental, and emotional energy.

Feed the camera.

Harrison Ford described his role as an actor as an assistant storyteller.

If the work is good they can’t mess with you.

You become the solution to the gigantic problem.

Commit fully, in life and in acting.

Demo Reel Tips:

  • Relax when it’s getting cut
  • Several versions of it
  • Get your manager and agent’s input
  • It’s not a vanity project, it’s about business
  • Know what your business is
  • Brevity is always appreciated
  • Best work forward
  • Really understand that the agent’s and managers pov is all that matters
  • They are the ones who are using it as a tool
  • Let them feel like they have a contribution

Take your emotion out of your to-do list.

Take the emotion and put it into the work.

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