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Episode 106: The 3 Must-Knows Before Beginning Your Content Creation Journey with Bill Timoney

acting training Dec 23, 2020

“Leave the good aside and focus on the GREAT”

About Bill

Bill Timoney has worked in the Arts & Entertainment industry for over four decades. As an actor, his extensive resume includes Broadway and regional theatre, films, prime time & day time TV, commercials, and voice-acting (he specializes in dubbing English language versions of foreign language movies, TV shows, and animated programs). Bill’s eclectic and wide-ranging work experience also includes producing independent films, writing (including a screenplay for the Nickelodeon Channel’s TV movie division), directing, stand-up comedy, brief stints working for both a casting director and a talent agency, advising film festivals, and even coordinating stunts for low-budget Horror flicks. For the last five years, Bill has operated a coaching service for actors and a script coverage & assessment service for producers and talent agencies (by recommendation only). He often works with his longtime friend and collaborator Bryan Cranston; Bill helped Cranston’s production company “Moonshot” create & develop the Amazon Prime TV series “The Dangerous Book for Boys” (for which Bill also served as the on-set acting coach for all the child actors in the cast). Bill currently writes the column “Heard and not Seen: Adventures in Voice-Acting” for the national publication Videoscope Magazine.

Why you need to create your own opportunities.

Become an Actors +

3 Things to Know Before You Begin

  1. Know the Market
    1. Debra Jo Rupp
    2. It’s Always about the Work
  2. Collaborate
    1. Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello’s Mixed Tapes
    2. Parody Current Events
    3. Matt Stone and Trey Parker
  3. Stop talking
    1. Stop writing only dialogue
    2. The less you speak, the better
    3. The less verbal your film is, the wider the international audience
    4. It’s about the global industry now

Plus: Bryan Cranston Anecdotes!


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