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Episode 110: Why Your Sound Sucks, Common Mistakes Voice Actors are Making from Home with Frank Verderosa

business tips Jan 20, 2021

About Frank:

Frank is a 30 year veteran of the music and post-production industry, which a long list of IMDB credits from TV networks, feature films, and animation companies like Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

He spends his days making commercials, cartoons, TV shows and more at Digital Arts in NYC. At night, he’s on a mission during Covid Times to get everyone up to speed so we can continue working together!

First thing: Get a coach, take the classes, learn the craft!

Common Biggest Mistake:

  1. A home studio is not a USB mic, a laptop in the middle of your living room
  2. Your mic isn’t connected
  3. Think outside the box
  4. Forgetting to turn phantom power on
  5. Turn the Rolloff off
  6. Mouth noise tricks
  7. Stop ruining your sound by over processing it

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