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Episode 104: What to Get Your Reps for the Holidays & The Crucial Follow up List

business tips Dec 09, 2020


What to Get Your Reps for the Holidays

1- Post-Covid: Movie Tickets— Research a theater near their office/ home

2- Gift Certificate— Research what do they actually like (ie: Starbucks vs. Dunkin)

3- Charity— Ask which charity they support

4- Food Bank— Possibly to one in their hometown

The Crucial Follow Up List

Go through you contacts

Type up writers/ directors/ producers/ agents/ managers/ CD’s

The Benefits of Postcards

  • Holds
  • Avails
  • Callbacks
  • Bookings

Separate commercial/ print list from theatrical list

Forward moving energy, put all your resources towards what will move you forward.

No E-Cards


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