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Episode 124: Interview with Bicoastal Manager Malissa Young

business tips Apr 29, 2021

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Malissa’s Motto, “One foot in front of the other.”

In this episode Malissa and I talk about:

Why you MUST invest in a self-tape setup.

What it means to be a bicoastal manager.

What she looks for when looking for new talent.

What a pitch deck is for actors looking for representation.

The importance of following up.

Your resume and skills should be honest.

Qualities of her favorite clients:

  • Wow factor in self tapes
  • Paying attention to instructions
  • Positive energy
  • Gratitude
  • Follow directions


What Melissa wants actors to know but doesn’t have time to tell them:

  • Know you as the actor has a business and work side to it
  • Make the chart
  • Know who you saw and what they called you in for
  • Send thank you’s to casting directors after an audition
  • Coaching and classes
  • Keeping your instrument tuned