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Episode 123: Is Your Resume Speaking the Right Language?

business tips Apr 21, 2021

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The Language of the Agents and the Casting Director is spoken in: 

  1. Your Resume
  2. Your Pictures
    • Telling agents and Casting Directors you are not green.
  3. Have a good follow-up, how, when and what you say in your follow-up.
  4. Your Demo Reel, how it’s edited, where is shown, what you put on it. 
  5. Website— always put your direct contact info, even if you have an agent.

The outline of a resume: If you put so much stuff on it that it’s hard to read, it’s going to get deleted or discarded and you don’t want that!

The Letterhead:

  • Your name
  • Your union affiliation
  • Cell Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Social Media Handles

Your stats:

  • Hair and the eyes
  • Your height and weight (or size)
  • Vocal Range (if you are a singer)

The Film Section

  • 3 columns only
  • Any info you want me to know with an asterisk (ie: *scene with Tracy Morgan)
  • The role you played
  • Production Company
  • Director’s name underneath that

Television/ New Media

  • 3 Columns
  • Name of the Show
  • What kind of role you played (Series Regular/Guest Star/ Costar/ Featured)
  • Name of the Network or where it was shown


  • 3 Columns
  • Name of the Play
  • Name of the Character/ Kind of Role you played (Lead/ Supporting/ Small Supporting/ Ensemble)
  • Name of the Theater and City
  • Director/ Musical Director/ Choreographer (if it’s a big dance show) underneath that

Commercial/ Print/ Industrials/ Voiceover/ Cabaret

  • List upon request
  • Cabaret set up like you did in the Theater section


  • If you have graduated from any school
  • Name of the degree, school, city/ state
  • List who you’ve been studying with for acting, improv, commercials, singing, dance, etc.


  • You want to be intermediate or advanced in any skill you list
  • Languages, accents, types of singing you do, sports, and an other category.
  • End with drivers license, passport, covid vaccine (as the last thing)