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Episode 108: Goal Setting for the Actor

business tips Jan 06, 2021

Two Types of Goals

Achievement Goals and Habit Goals

Achievement Goals- One Time Accomplishment

Habit Goals- Regular Ongoing Activity

  • Requires maintaining a practice
  • You want them to begin with action verbs
  • Want to have a start date
  • Frequency
  • Time Trigger
  • Streak Target

“Right Goals” and Action Plans: AIM

A-cceptable- What is the acceptable minimum?

I- Ideal- What is the acceptable maximum?

M- Middle. What is a reasonable stretch?



  • What is the first step you are going to take?
  • Make it really simple!
  • “Anyone can eat an elephant one bite at a time.”


  • Action-Oriented (ex: run 3 miles 2 times per week)
  • Verbs!

Reasonable OR Risky

  • How reasonable is it that what you’re say8ing you’re going to do, you’re actually going to do
  • Out of our comfort zone


  • By when exactly will you complete the first step of the goal


  • Compelling
  • Does it ignite your imagination?
  • What will you feel like when you finish accomplishing this?


  • Is it appropriate for your season of life?

If the ideal image of you doesn’t resonate with the image of you now, then no matter how bad you want to achieve it, it’s not the right goal for you now.

You want to make sure that your goal is in line with your current concept of your who or your consciousness.

Your consciousness is your awareness of who you really are, as opposed to the you that you believe that you are or that you were taught that you are.

The Power of Empowering Questions- they are powerful, they open-ended, they are clarity seeking, they are probing, they are challenging, they are thought-provoking, they are future-directed, they are solution-oriented questions that cause you to search for answers and new possibilities, they are value-seeking questions.

  1. Why? Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  2. What is at stake?

Action Steps:

  1. Write down all of your goals.
  2. Ask yourself these two questions
  3. Go through AIM and SMARTER
  4. Rank your motivations for these goals

"Leave what you are good at aside, and focus on your great."


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