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Agent Lists & Labels

If you’re an actor looking for representation...

You may feel overwhelmed by reaching out to agents and managers, and I get it.

How do you know which Agents and Managers are trustworthy?

How do you compile all their information?

You could spend hours trying to search for addresses and websites and email addresses.

Or you could have access to my own INDUSTRY VETTED Agent and Manager lists for all THREE MAJOR MARKETS


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Actor Training Program

At Acting Business Boot Camp, I stress the importance of getting Top Level Training from teachers who are in the know and are recognized as the Industry's very best. 

I have assembled these incredible coaches into the Acting Business Boot Camp Actor Training Program so you can go straight to the top to get the proper skills you need in order to book jobs.

Don't know where to start? Shoot us an email with your picture and resume or even a short description of where you are at with your training to: [email protected] and we will help you out for FREE! Think of us as your Guidance Counselor for your Acting Training:)


Free Actor Goodies:

Your Acting Business Audit

What part of your business should you focus on next? Use this 30-question self-assessment to uncover the effectiveness of your acting business.  

This assessment is designed for actors who want to be working more.

I want that

Learn the Top Five Things Agents and Casting Directors Want you to Know

...but don't have time to tell you. I recorded this special audio lesson to start coaching you on you the Language of the Agents and the Casting Directors.

Gimme gimme

How to Own your Power as an Actor

Whether you are stuck in victim energy and not having an agent or struggling with audition fear and self-sabotage, the key is OWNING YOUR POWER. Grab my free guide to finally learn what it takes to conquer those obstacles and become the person capable of achieving your dreams.

I'm ready!

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