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Episode 133: Anxiety Over Everything Opening Up - Let’s Talk

core work Jun 30, 2021

So many feelings come up around the opening

  • I’m not ready...
  • How do I do this?
  • Will I sound like a fool talking to real people?

There is a special anxiety around it.

There was anxiety around the pandemic because it had never happened before…but that same anxiety is around opening up because it’s never happened before either.

What are the things we can do to take care of ourselves emotionally while this is going on?

Fear and anxiety are never going away, but how we handle those can change.

When we stay in anxiety, we are in victim energy, catabolic energy— energy that eats itself, it's self-destructive.

We want to be in anabolic energy.

How can you break it down? Baby step it.

  • Turn our attitude into if I’m anxious about xyz…then what you want to ask yourself is “how can I take responsibility for that?
  • ie: If I’m afraid of redoing my resume, then what is one small action I can do to work towards that?
  • Go as slowly as you need to in order to take care of yourself.
  • Just do the next right thing.

Whatever I put before taking care of myself, I am going to lose.

Good self care is super duper important.

What are things I can bring with me that will make me feel safe?

  • A mask
  • Some hand sanitizer
  • Nice hand lotion
  • Lip balm
  • Little things that you can pack in your bag that make you feel good
  • Water
  • Tea

We do have an anxiety epidemic right now.

We are capable of getting through this.

You are not going to be given more than you can handle, but you will be given more than you can control.

This time is not about control, it’s about good self-care and doing the next right thing

Asking yourself where do I need help?

How can I ask for it?

What’s the next baby step?

Plan out your day the night before.

Knowing that you have a plan, a road map for your career, for your life, these are the tools you can use to ease the anxiety that’s coming up.

You can move from being helpless to realizing you have a choice.

When you do the thing that you are frightened of, you earn the one thing you can not buy— self esteem and confidence.

Watch out for perfectionism.

Perfectionism leads to procrastination leads to paralysis.

Write this out: What do I think that I cannot handle in this moment?

  • Anxiety is about not taking responsibility.
  • Using the illusion of trying to control something that is just not controllable.
  • Put your energy into the things that you can do something about.
  • Go as slowly as you need to in order to take care of yourself.