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Episode 112: Three Steps to Learning an Accent with Amanda Quaid

acting training Feb 03, 2021

About Amanda:

Amanda Quaid has over 15 years of experience teaching speech, dialects, and language skills to actors and other speakers from around the world. In addition to her coaching on plays, films, and television, she maintains a thriving private practice in New York City. She's been featured as a dialect expert on WNYC, and her book, American Accent Drills for British and Australian Speakers was released in 2020.

1. Oral Posture: Position your articulators are in for the Duration of the Accent

ie: A low jaw, pursed lips

2. Signature Sounds: The vowels, consonants, and intonation

Axis of Expressivity (Pitch variety)

How Amanda approaches American Accent Acquisition (as opposed to accent reduction)

3.  Find out what the Accent brings out in you

Techniques for rehearsals, performances, and auditions

The Importance of Breath

Inhale— The act of taking in the partner

Exhale— The act of giving a part of yourself

The Miller Method


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