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Episode 130: Interview with Voice Director & Casting Dir. Ed Lewis

business tips Jun 09, 2021

About Ed:

Ed Lewis is a Voice Director for Video Games, Animation, Audiobooks, Commercials, Documentaries, Promos and for pretty much anything else you want him for. Ed’s extensive experience casting Film, Television and Theatre for ten years, paired with his actor training from the University of Michigan give him a unique perspective on how to approach Voice Over projects. He treats his work as a VO Director exactly the same as his time directing auditions for The Wire, Chappelle’s Show, 24 and others.

Ed’s experience working in casting with amazing directors like David Simon, David Koepp, David Esbjorson and all other sorts of Davids has taught him how to direct projects from children’s animation to first-person shooters. Communicating with actors can be a challenge, but Ed has the vocabulary, insight, experience and knowledge to communicate the client's vision and to make the recording sessions productive with even the most difficult and complex individuals.

What did casting directors do during the pandemic?

It’s not the casting director’s job to make the choices for you, it's that actor’s job.

You don’t have to throw a ton of ideas out, you have to settle on your choices.

Casting directors are put under such rigorous standards, actors need to realize that CD’s have so much going on.

Audiobook: Prepping is your friend!

Prepping for Commerical and VO auditions:

  • Watch a lot of commercials!
  • Watching commercials online vs watching on TV:
  • If you don’t know a product exists, you’re not going looking for it as opposed to watching tv commercials on cable, these products come up.
  • It’s not about your voice, it’s about your acting and you got to make a full scene.

Video games:

  • Play a lot of video games
  • There are so many roles right now for women, women who can fit into that world and understand the action world, there is a huge market

Casting Directors love actors, they want you to succeed!

His pet peeve? Apologizing for your work!