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Episode 126: Interview with Casting Director David Cady

business tips May 12, 2021

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How David got into casting.

The only thing you can control is the work that you do in the room.

When you need a surgeon, you want someone who knows anatomy. When you need an actor you need someone who knows the anatomy of a scene. Acting is a craft and you have to learn your craft.

The Three Jobs of an Actor:

  1. Becoming the best actor you can be
  2. Learning the business
  3. Maintaining your health and your mental health

What makes a great commercial audition:

  • An authenticity
  • A point of view that is specific and personal
  • A willingness to play
  • Not bring a fixed point of view into the room

Auditions are performances

Auditions are not opportunities to sort of kinda maybe get it right…

If you come into the room and give me nothing, the Casting Director has nothing to work with

Don’t be afraid to make choices

There is no right choice, there is no wrong choice, there is just your choice.

Commercial acting is how much you can be yourself in front of the camera.

Nail it on the first take, then show them something different.

Cautioning against perfectionism, you can prevent mistakes, you can’t protect yourself from making mistakes, and you have to love your nonperfect self.

You have to believe as an actor you can do that, and you can do it every time. Are you going to be able to do that every time? No, and you have to be able to forgive yourself every time.

Auditions are collaborations between you and the Casting Director.