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Episode 141: Self Care for Actors

core work Aug 25, 2021

COVID took energy out of us.

A lot of feelings are coming up.

How do we dig deep? How do we find the things to help us through this?

So you can continue to pursue your dream…

I go back to baby stepping.

How can I break this down?

When you feel exhausted, instead of getting dramatic, get really quiet, reach out to the energy that knows best, and say, “Please guide me in this day, I invite you into this day, and please help me to just take care of things one thing at a time.”

I go as slowly as I need to to take care of myself.

Things like:

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat
  • Permission to reach out to invite the energy that knows best and invite it in

Stop and create space for something else to come in so that it’s not only your will, it's inviting another energy.

When we are exhausted and depleted, our past coping mechanisms come up from the past.

You may start to put yourself down, which is so unhelpful.

You want to have as much of yourself working for us instead of against us.

It’s ok. Focus on this day.

What are the things in Good Orderly Direction that I can follow today?

Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

None of this we have experienced, so we must be gentle with ourselves and kind to other people.

We are all going through it.

Take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

Know you are lovable.

"Anyone can eat an elephant one bite at a time."


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