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Episode 149: The Fear of Success

core work Oct 20, 2021

SAG AFTRA Panel on Performance Anxiety

When things are going well, feelings of unease can come up.

“You are not responsible for your first thought but you are responsible for your next thought.”

The fear of success is really more about the fear of responsibility that comes with being more successful.

Remember you will never be given than you can handle but you will be given more than you can control.

Whatever level you are at in your career now, it is essential for you to take responsibility and show up and do the things that make you scared.

Go just a bit beyond your comfort zone every day.

Go back to feeling good.

It’s ok to feel good.

“I want to feel good.”

“Give me the strength to feel good.”

I am willing to show up and take the responsibilities that are required for me to feel that success.

Do you scare yourself out of good feelings?

Do you find stuff to worry about?

Do you sabotage yourself out of feeling good?

We do this because the other feelings (anger, sadness, anxiety) feel more familiar.

Positive Affirmations:

  • “It is safe for good things to happen to me”
  • It is safe for me to embrace the good.
  • “I don’t have to judge this.”

"Stop scaring yourself."— Louis Hayes



Let yourself feel good.

Those negative feelings have served a purpose to protect you.

But now you are an adult, and it is time to take responsibility for feeling good.

Acknowledging and thanking those negative thoughts in the past.

“Now I want to step into the realm of success and feeling good.”





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