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Episode 151: Interview with Independent Casting Director Adrienne Stern

business tips Nov 03, 2021

About Adrienne:

Adrienne is a renowned Independent Casting Director.

Her films have premiered at Sundance, Toronto, Cannes, Tribeca, Berlin, South by Southwest, Seattle, and many other prominent film festivals, many taking home prestigious awards. She is always working and always keeping an eye out for new talent. She cast both film and TV Union and Non-Union. Please check out her IMDB and her website 


U.S. Theater Programs that Adrienne feels put young actors in the industry right out of the gate:

  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Point Park
  • BU
  • NYU
  • Howard University
  • Elon
  • Temple

Tips for finding the right school:

  • Look at alumni
  • Think about what you want and what’s the best fit for you
  • Have a second thing that makes you just as happy

How do creatives contact you?

  • Often work with a lot of clients
  • Don’t want to turn down a project, because they will find someone else and they will become part of their family
  • Writer, director, or producer
  • They have worked together before
  • They saw a film
  • They love her vision
  • Someone recommended her
  • They are excited to make a film and are interviewing 25 casting directors

Loves a lookbook and press package

  •  A vision book of the director’s vision on your film
  •  Character Description
  •  Bios of key personnel
  •  Synopsis

Creatives must understand the language of the Industry.

As an actor, know that when a CD puts a breakdown out, it’s not uncommon to get over 5,000 submissions.

Be thankful for the role you are cast in, because now the casting director knows you, now you have an IMDB credit.

A lot of times, actors lose the roles for themselves.

Put your best foot forward, they want to know they can put you on the set with the name talent.

After the wrap, the client is gonna talk to the CD and tell them who worked well and who didn’t.

Your behavior moves you forward.

  • Know your lines
  • Be ready to go
  • Work begets work!