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Episode 101: The 6 Business Tools Every Actor Must Have

business tips Nov 18, 2020


Remember “How you do one thing is how you do all things”

The Six Business Tools Every Actor Must Have:

1 - Resume

  1. simple
  2. easy to read
  3. quality is more important that quantity
  4. list by credible credits, not by date done
  5. the importance of CREDIBILITY!

2 - Pictures

  1. embrace your age and “you-ness”- “I am what I am”
  2. don’t try and be something that you are not
  3. watch TV and find yourself - be what you see on TV, but be yourself!

3 - Cover Letters and Emails

  1. Mailings DO WORK! But they MUST to be done in the Language of the Agent and the Casting Director or they just don’t work
  2. Helpful to study with teachers that the industry recognizes as the Best.
  3. Keep all communications brief!
  4. Cap & Bold anything credible!

4 - Follow up List

  1. Always mark down and keep an updated list of every Agent/Casting Director/Writer/Producer, etc you have met face to face on a Zoom call. Have their updated contact info and let them know when you have booked a job, gotten a call back, or been put on hold.
  2. Keep these updates solely to the people who work in the particular area you have booked a job or gotten a callback in - for example - Commercial and Print callbacks and bookings only go to Commercial and Print Agents and CD’s - not to Theatrical Agents/CD’s - same with Theatrical (Film/TV/Theater) those updates go to Theatrical Agents and CD’s - not to Commercial and Print Agents and CD’s

5 - Demo Reel

  1. Something is better than nothing - it is about the WORK!
  2. A 30 second great scene is a better reel than 2 minutes of blah that includes a 30 second great scene - get right to the good stuff and delete the blah

6 - Website

  2. Keep it simple and user friendly!
  3. Website Pages: Home/Pictures/Resume with Downloadable PDF/Reels/Press (Optional)/Contact Page

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