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The Acting Business Boot Camp Podcast

Episode 105: What Would You Do if You Were Brave?

core work Dec 16, 2020

The Truth is: The point of Power is in the present moment. 

Staying in the moment in acting is the same way in life and humanity.

  1. You can handle this when your anxiety shows up.
  2. Ask the question: What do I think I can not handle in this moment?

Anxiety is about not wanting to take responsibility in the moment, and not accepting the reality in the moment, and feeling a lack of control.

Once I ask myself what am I not accepting? What is it that I’m trying to control but can’t?

Then things have the space to shift.

 The fact of the matter is we are going to have these feelings and these situations are going to come up, so the only thing we are left with in a productive way is, “How can we best deal with it?”

3. “I will never be given more than I can handle, but I will be given more than I can control.”

4. What do I think I can not handle in this moment?

Live life on life’s terms.

3 Energy Levels

  • Victim
  • Anger
  • Responsibility


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Episode 104: What to Get Your Reps for the Holidays & The Crucial Follow up List

business tips Dec 09, 2020


What to Get Your Reps for the Holidays

1- Post-Covid: Movie Tickets— Research a theater near their office/ home

2- Gift Certificate— Research what do they actually like (ie: Starbucks vs. Dunkin)

3- Charity— Ask which charity they support

4- Food Bank— Possibly to one in their hometown

The Crucial Follow Up List

Go through you contacts

Type up writers/ directors/ producers/ agents/ managers/ CD’s

The Benefits of Postcards

  • Holds
  • Avails
  • Callbacks
  • Bookings

Separate commercial/ print list from theatrical list

Forward moving energy, put all your resources towards what will move you forward.

No E-Cards

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Episode 103: 3 Tips to Up your Voiceover Auditions with Roger Becker

acting training Dec 02, 2020

About Roger:

If New York City is the voice-over capital of the world, then Roger Becker is the Mayor. “Hizzoner” has been working steadily in every aspect of the business for two decades. With a background in post production, Roger left that world in the 1990’s to direct talent at a prestigious NYC talent agency. Along with running their in-house studio, he worked in the Broadcast Promotions division to bolster his understanding of talent/producer relationships. In 2005, he returned to directing voice-over full time at a casting house in New York City, eventually accepting the position of vice-president of the company.  He has cast for major accounts in all arenas of the business, from commercial to film to narration to animation…and has taught children and adults about all facets of VO work.

Your audition Space must be comfortable. You’re going to spend all of your time in your booth setup.

Overview of 3 things to Up your VO Game:

  1. Specs
  2. ...
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Episode 102: What is Your Strength Story?

core work Nov 25, 2020

“There is no glory in thinking of yourself as less than.”


Core Work:

“It’s about who doesn’t blink.”

The Power you can harness from your own Strength Story.

“To keep our faces toward change and behave like free-spirited in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”— Helen Keller

Brain Cell A, Brain Cell B Synapses. Changing the “I am not enough,” to “I am enough.”

Something Happens.                  

Something Happens.






Take a Step Back




Is this healthy for me or is this unhealthy for me?




There is no glory in thinking of yourself as less than.

Stop continuing to play small.


Enjoy being you!

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Episode 101: The 6 Business Tools Every Actor Must Have

business tips Nov 18, 2020


Remember “How you do one thing is how you do all things”

The Six Business Tools Every Actor Must Have:

1 - Resume

  1. simple
  2. easy to read
  3. quality is more important that quantity
  4. list by credible credits, not by date done
  5. the importance of CREDIBILITY!

2 - Pictures

  1. embrace your age and “you-ness”- “I am what I am”
  2. don’t try and be something that you are not
  3. watch TV and find yourself - be what you see on TV, but be yourself!

3 - Cover Letters and Emails

  1. Mailings DO WORK! But they MUST to be done in the Language of the Agent and the Casting Director or they just don’t work
  2. Helpful to study with teachers that the industry recognizes as the Best.
  3. Keep all communications brief!
  4. Cap & Bold anything credible!

4 - Follow up List

  1. Always mark down and keep an updated list of every Agent/Casting Director/Writer/Producer, etc you have met face to face on a Zoom call. Have their updated contact info and let them know when you have...
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