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The Acting Business Boot Camp Podcast

Episode 183: Procrastination and the Actor

core work Jun 15, 2022


The first tool when dealing with procrastination-- awareness.

Using your mind to govern your brain. 

And I'm going to put a challenge to you. Whatever day you're listening to this podcast, I want you to see if you can separate yourself just a little bit from your procrastination.

Put your hand directly on your face. You can't see; you cannot be aware. But then, when you remove your hand from your face about a foot, well, you're in a place to observe your hand. You can see the lines. You can see the veins. And that is the place of power when starting to look at changing something. 

Becoming aware of when you procrastinate and how you procrastinate.

Take your emotions out of your to-do list. 

The second part of change is acceptance. Accept how you procrastinate.

Then we move to action.

This is when you need to start asking yourself, how bad do you want it?

"Do something today that you'll thank yourself for a year from now."

One of the things that I started...

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Episode 181: How to Deal with Unsupportive People

core work Jun 01, 2022


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Melody Beattie and her book, Language of Letting Go. 

Spokes on a wheel metaphor

When you want to up your game, everybody else around you wants to keep the status quo. 

Often, the people you love most and are the closest to you are the ones who are the least supportive and accepting of you wanting to achieve a whole new level. 

The Bubble Suit:

  • going into difficult work situations 
  • friendship situations 
  • situations when it's not totally comfortable saying, but you need to speak your Truth. 

In your bubble suit, you are loving and protecting yourself. 

"And what is most important for me and what is most true for me." 

When you want to up your game and achieve something that maybe you just haven't yet, but know in your gut and your heart you can do and you're working so hard, yet those people aren't supporting you. 

And Melody Beattie says, "many of us have anger towards certain members of her...

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Episode 179: Vulnerability, Your Greatest Asset and Liability

core work May 18, 2022

Vulnerability is an actor's greatest asset in their work, but it's also the greatest liability outside of their work and in their business. 

My own journey with vulnerability.

I felt that as an actor, I wore my heart on my sleeve. And although that really helped me in my work, I found it to be a real problem was when wasn’t getting a callback or I wasn't getting the job, and that it made it very, very difficult for me to live my own life. 

The emotions must live in the work, and you have your own life.


  • Go to the core work episodes, listen once, then go to a coffee shop, listen, pause and journal.
  • You must feel safe going to those emotional places, then leave it in the work.

Understand that the work is not yours. Once you do it, it is the world’s.

From The Language of Letting Go:

“So being vulnerable and quoting kind of little bits from melody, body and language of letting go is about learning to share ourselves with other people and...

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Episode 177: Interview with my Mom and Why You are Never Too Old

core work May 04, 2022

We are dropping this podcast in honor of Mother’s Day but also on the actual day she gave birth to me!

Food, Drink, and Celebrations of the Hudson Valley Dutch (American Palate)

Her Latest Cookbook

Advice: “When I’m stuck in a story, I talk to someone else.”

Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy it!

Learn more at peterrose.com

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Episode 176: The Emotional Journey of Getting Your Headshots Taken

core work Apr 27, 2022

Work hard to keep your brain tight so your nasty messages in your brain don’t have power.

Having a relationship with their highest wisdom, that will help you solve all your problems.

“Hell no! I am not under any circumstances going to let this happen.”

Is this real or is this my ego?

“It is coming, it is baffling, it is powerful”

Take care of yourself and do what you set out to accomplish.

Managing Emotions 

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Episode 174: The Emotional Trap of Social Media for Actors

core work Apr 13, 2022

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Katie Flahive Classes

Feeling triggered by other people’s posts.

“Sometimes I feel social media affects my confidence or self-esteem, even though I know it's primarily used as a highlight reel. Some actors post every single audition they go on to Facebook or Instagram. Others post throwback photos from past shoots or opportunities that they've had. And it can trick us into thinking, Well, why am I not there yet? A good example for me is there was of another actor same age as me, kind of type wise, playing similar roles. You know, we're different, but we're not different kind of a thing. And you know, she has some really good credits on stage on film, and she also has the advantage of, you know, coming from, you know, people who have been in the business before. And she loves posting a lot. And sometimes, you know, I feel like, I don't know the answer to how I should be investing energy into social media and how...

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Episode 172: A Peek Into My Weekly Coaching Group

core work Mar 30, 2022

“By working on your acting training, you become more qualified for better acting jobs.”

Core work--> so you can clean out the gunk that stands in the way of receiving opportunities that you have previously prevented yourself from receiving.

Matt Corboy Interview: “Don’t put me into the role; put the role into me.”

The chunk of ice metaphor.

Talent is undeniable.

Use your mind to govern your brain.

One baby step by one baby step.

How do I counteract that negative voice inside of me?

Practice contrary action.

One moment at a time, one minute at a time.

Louis Haye:

Affirmation: It is safe to look within

“My Life Doesn’t Work:

I never get to do what I want to do. I can’t please anyone. I don’t know what I want to do. There is never any time for me. My needs and desires are always left out. I’m only doing this to please them. I am just a doormat. Nobody cares what I want to do. I have no talent. I can’t do anything...

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Episode 170: A Deeper Dive into the Courage to Be Yourself 

core work Mar 16, 2022


The Language of Letting Go:

“When I meet people or get in a new relationship, I start putting all these repressive restrictions on myself. I can't have my feelings, can't have my wants and needs, can't have my history, can't do the things I want, feel the feelings I'm feeling, or say what I need to say. I turn into this repressed, perfectionist robot instead of being who I am. Me.”

In auditions in the past, I would put restrictions, repressive restrictions on myself. 

  • Don't laugh too hard. 
  • Don't push
  • Don’t flub.

The fact of the matter is, I'm far more charming being imperfect. 

If I am repressing myself and feeling like I can't have my wants in my needs, and I need to make this podcast absolutely perfect or, people aren't going to listen to it. 

It’s actually the opposite. 

When you have the courage to be yourself. You are magnetic, people are attracted to you.

Sometimes we feel like, “Oh,...

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Episode 169: The Courage to Be Yourself

core work Mar 09, 2022

This is the miracle of Core Work: you can discover a new level of confidence, on a whole other level of self-assuredness, in a whole other level of the courage to be yourself.

The courage to be “Peter Pamela Rose,” and show the world who that is, and be totally delighted whether the reaction is, “oh, I love her”o r “oh no, thank you.” 

That feeling of being alive and that feeling of utter gratitude for my love, for my life and for what I have, and for my future. And it's an incredible, incredible place to be. 

You may be asking: Well, how do I get there?

Go back to some of my previous Core Work Lessons.

  • Listen to the episode, you can be at Whole Foods or, you know, walking down the street, listen to it once.
  • Then go back when you're sitting at home or in a coffee shop and listen to it.  
  • And write down the questions and take notes. 
  • And when I ask Empowering Questions like, "why does this make me feel that way?"
  • Set your...
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Episode 167: Protecting Yourself from Energy Vampires

core work Feb 23, 2022

Energy Vampires= people who take away valuable energy you need to push past the things that are standing in the way of your dreams.

Level 10 energy

Who to watch out for: People who zap your energy.

How do we protect ourselves?

  • Put on an imaginary bubble suit.
  • Their stuff does not need to affect you.
  • You have the opportunity to arrive late and leave early.

Other kinds of Vampires

  • Other Actors on set.
    • No is a complete sentence.
  • People preying on the actors in the Industry.
  • Family who is not supportive.

Tips and tools:

  • Get the focus off of you
  • No is a complete sentence
  • Don't cosign on someone else’s drama
  • Ask yourself, is this going to be a healthy thing to be involved in or unhealthy?
  • Your life depends on deflecting the energy suckers
  • Don’t treat someone like a priority who treats you like an option


Be kind to these people, if they could be doing better they would.

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