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The Acting Business Boot Camp Podcast

Episode 272: Planting the Seeds of Success

core work Feb 21, 2024

Thursday, February 29th, Live NYC Seminar

Planting seeds for success.

I call this a Foundation skill, and this is a skill I believe that you can use not only for yourself but also for other friends who need support.

Who needs to be planting some seeds for success for themselves as well the idea is when you “plant a seed,” you are setting out an expectation that you can do it or that your friend can do it.

And more often than not, when you plant that seed of success, and you say, “Hey, you can do it. Hey, no, I can do this.” You actually do it. 

That's why it's so important and why this is such a brilliant and useful foundation skill. 

You can think of it as almost the germination of an affirmation. 

So in other words, you plant that seed starts to germinate, and as you feed it with positive affirmations, it begins to grow. 

Then, as you add those action steps that support those thoughts and, of course, that ultimate goal, that's when the...

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Episode 271: Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

core work Feb 14, 2024

Private Coaching

Today, I want to talk about self-love because it's Valentine's Day. 

And the thing about self-love that I have found in doing this work for almost 30 years is that self-love takes on a lot of different forms. Yes, it is ensuring that I bathe, brush my teeth, get adequate sleep, eat well, and exercise.

But it's also about taking care of the things I think and the things I do. 

A big thing that has come up for me, mainly in the past couple of years, is that self-love is about working for myself instead of working against myself. 

And how often I would be like, “I love myself, and I approve of myself,” I would say that wonderful affirmation, but then when a sticky or uncomfortable situation would come up, I'd be so eager to just give my power away.

Ah, giving your power away. Yeah, that is not self-love. 

And that is why the core work, which is that work on yourself, is so incredibly important. 

It's about learning that you are...

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Episode 269: Change Your Career Direction- Ask Empowering Questions

core work Jan 31, 2024

Private Coaching

Changing your career direction by asking Empowering Questions. 

I'm going to start with a quote from Anthony Robbins, “quality questions create a quality life.”  

Successful people ask better questions. And as a result, they get better answers.  

And this is how I work as a coach. I ask you quality questions so that you can create a quality career. 

Because I do believe that successful actors are asking better questions of themselves. And, as a result, are getting better roles.  

So, let's unpack this a bit.  

What are Empowering Questions?  

They are questions. We all know what a question is, but these are a little bit different. These are powerful. 

These are open-ended.  

Now, what that means is it's not a yes or a no.  

How do you feel about going to the store? Why do you want to go to the store? Those would be open ended questions.  

Also, Empowering Questions are clarity seeking. They are...

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Episode 268: Illusions and Empowering Questions

core work Jan 24, 2024

On-Camera Class

Costar Class

I'm going to talk about illusion and illusion in your acting career in two different ways. The first way is I'm going to talk about how we have the idea that an acting career will go one way, but actually, that's just an illusion, and that's just me trying to control the outcome. 

So when I'm doing that, it is an illusion. 

And I remember this actually in terms of money. I always thought if I made X amount of money a year, I would be free.

Oh, I'm going to be so happy. Oh, my life will be cupcakes and bubblegum. I will have no worries.

Only to find out when I made that amount of money and much more. You don't get cupcakes and bubblegum.

You get more decisions, and it becomes even more stressful. 

And really, the only thing money buys is convenience. And if you're not making much money right now, that might be difficult to hear. 

But money does not buy happiness. That was an illusion that I had. 

Another thing that I find as a...

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Episode 265: Managing New Year's Anxiety

core work Jan 03, 2024

Managing Anxiety for the New Year.

Sometimes when I have something really large looming in front of me, like an entire year, I get anxious.

I think, “How am I going to do this? How am I going to handle this? This seems like too big of a thing to tackle.”

And there's that wonderful phrase that says, “Anyone can eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

And that's what I like to help actors with, not only helping you in the business, in the basics, because I have this theory that really the business is something that can be learned.

The problem is it's taught so poorly in so many places, and I have a tried true system that really works. And once you get on that system, it just chugs along in the background. It's like it works and it chugs along so that you can focus on the two other things that I think are the most important things, which is the ability to do your job, which is acting.

So to become a better actor. Possibly, more importantly, what we're talking a...

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Episode 264: Goal Setting for 2024

core work Dec 27, 2023

So today, we are going to talk about goals for the first quarter of 2024.

January through March 31st is the first quarter of the year.

We are setting 3 to 5 goals for the first quarter of 2024.

Now, the other thing is that if you do the full yearly goals, you could break that down a little bit, baby-stepping into that first quarter.

But what I want you to be thinking of is the first of the year through March 31st.

That's where I want your focus to be because it's a much more bite-sized piece to apply your goals to and your positive thoughts and actions towards.

I want to give you some questions to think about:

The first question is, with these goals that you have, where do you feel you are at in achieving them?

Talk about what you've done in the past and where that has brought you.

And then the next thing I want you to ask yourself is, looking at where you are at in achieving them and what you've done in the past, how has that made you feel?

What are your emotions around it?


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Episode 263: The Great Podcast Recap of 2023

Special Rate Life Coaching

This is one of my favorite episodes of the year. Why? Because I recap the entire year, and it's like a play-by-play of all the podcast episodes. 

So, over 52 episodes, you can get a quick little like burst of what it's about and write it down and say, "Oh, I wanna listen to episode 210." 

What's so incredible is that we have over 160 episodes for you to listen to all free content. And it's a great little way to celebrate the holidays by just marking down which ones you want to listen to while you do that dreaded holiday travel.  

Money Mastery for Actors

It's important to encourage yourself. 

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Episode 258: Handle this Family Filled Holiday Season with a Plan!

core work Nov 15, 2023

Private Coaching

Today, I am going to talk about what is honestly sometimes a very painful thing to talk about, which is going home for the holidays. 

Because actually going home for the holidays for me is a joyous thing now. 

But when I was younger, it was harder. And it wasn't necessarily because of my parents, but it was things that triggered me, like the cold, like it being darker. And those kinds of things would bring up a lot of anxiety with me.

One of the things I will be talking about is triggers and how to take care of yourself around triggers. 

So, what do I mean by a trigger? 

A trigger for me is it gets darker earlier. 

If you listen to my podcast episode 102, you'll hear that when it started to get dark when I was a child, that's when my anxiety would kick up. 

Guess what happens now? It gets darker earlier. 

Now, I will be honest with you: it still reminds me every year, but I also have come so far that it doesn't bother me anymore....

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Episode 257: You Deserve Success

core work Nov 08, 2023

Free Month of Coaching

You Can Heal Your Life

The Power of Intention

An actor shared that they had turned down an opportunity because, ultimately, they felt that they didn't deserve it.

And, I think that is an incredibly painful place, especially when she realized afterward what had been done and why they had done it.

It brings up the question, how many times have I turned something down or walked away from a potential opportunity because I felt I didn't deserve it?

And that programming that we have in our, as I put it, motherboard, in our belief system is so deep within us because that is what we operate out of.

And yet, what I am trying to do in these weekly classes is to make you more conscious.

And what do I mean by more conscious?

What I mean is when you are conscious, you are operating out of what the Universe sees you as, who you truly are, as opposed to who you think you are or how you were taught to be.

So there's who you really are, how the Universe sees you in all of...

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Episode 256: Energy, Truth, & Your Beliefs

core work Nov 01, 2023

Katie Flahive Film and TV Class

$30 Classes

Energy attracts like energy. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

Like attracts like, and we attract and create our world.

If I am not treating myself well, that is what I am giving out to the world, and I will end up attracting people who don't treat me very well. 

By focusing not on what was but on only what can be, we create the world we choose. And we do this through the practice of affirmations. 

So again, by not focusing on our past but focusing and putting our attention on the now and the future we wish to create, that is how we create a better life for ourselves. 

Now, I'm not going to lie to you. When I first heard this kind of stuff, I was like, “That's a bunch of voodoo, voodoo, gobbledygook.” 

Until I was, honestly, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I was desperate enough to change.

Until I was like, “I cannot stand my life as it is right now. I...

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