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The Acting Business Boot Camp Podcast

Episode 289: The Useless Emotion: Jealousy

core work Jun 19, 2024

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So today I'm gonna talk about that green emotion called jealousy. Oh, we've all had it, we've all experienced it, and we've all been the subject of it. But with actors, it can get so tricky. 

I wanted to do a podcast, really putting this emotion into perspective.

“A flower never thinks of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms.” 

Buddha said, “Do not envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.”

“Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.”

I think my own personal journey with jealousy.

If I am having jealousy over someone else, it's because I am not keeping the focus on myself.

Keep the focus on yourself. Keep the focus on yourself. 

Whatever I put before taking care of myself, I am going to lose. 

Also, whatever you put before taking care of yourself, you are going to lose. 

Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners. 

And I...

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Episode 288: Buying Into Yourself as a Working Actor

core work Jun 12, 2024

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I'm going to be talking about a real coaching tool called getting a buy in. 

And that buy in is about really getting a buy in from yourself, something that you need in order to commit to yourself and motivate yourself. 

So I'm going to be giving you some strategies to achieve buy-in from yourself and then tell you why I'm teaching this very valuable lesson.

The first thing when you're trying to get a buy-in from yourself, you're trying to get yourself motivated, you're trying to get yourself committed to this thing of becoming an actor, is you want to clarify your visions and your goal. 

What that means is that you want to define clear objectives.

Meaning, and if you've ever done any method acting, you want to find out, what do you want? 

What does that character want, but what do you want? 

You want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, and this is the biggie, and why it...

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Episode 286: Breathing Exercise for the Actor

core work May 29, 2024

This week what I wanted to do was a breathing exercise for actors because I think in this incredible turbulent world that we live in, and yes, it's always turbulent, but it seems particularly turbulent right now.

It is so important that for us as artists, that before we are about to perform, that we get to the center of us. 

As a little girl, I called it, go back to the source. 

And I believe that is connecting to that part of us that is connected to the Universe. 

So what I'm going to do I'm not going to breathe with you, but what I am going to do is guide you through breathing exercises.

So what I ask of you is to breathe in through your nose

and let out a big sigh, ah, and again, breathe in through your nose, and let out a big sigh,and that can be as loud as you want it to be. 

Pause. Stay still. Breathe in through your nose.

And again, sigh out. You can even scream if you want. And pause.

And just allow your breath to be where it wants to be. Whether that's...

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Episode 285: Centering Exercise for the Actor

core work May 22, 2024

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Today, I'm going to do something to follow up from what I talked about last week, which was prayer and meditation for the actor. 

I got a lot of emails about how many people enjoyed that podcast. So what I wanted to do today was focusing on centering, and centering for the actor. So this is going to be a little different.

I don't recommend that you do this while you are driving a car or maybe even walking down the street. 

This would be a podcast episode that you want to be at home and in a comfortable place because I'm going to be going through different areas of your body and talk about centering them. 

So if you will, I have taken off my shoes. I am standing here in front of my mic and you can do this, I guess actually if you wanted to do this on a subway, you could or just somewhere you don't have to pay attention for a bit. 

Put yourself in a comfortable spot. That could be lying on the ground with your legs in the semi supine...

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Episode 284: Prayer & Meditation for the Actor

core work May 15, 2024

So today I actually, I've been just so intensely busy with so many different things and I was in New York City today and one of the things I used to do when I was in New York more than I am now is I would go into churches and I just happened to pass by an old church that I usually would go into and I just walked in.

And it was quiet, quiet. 

And I have been noticing this past, I don't know, week, that my mind has been racing a lot. 

Just tons and tons of talk and nothing negative. Just very busy. 

And it's disrupted my sleep and it's been so unpleasant. 

And then I went into that church and I noticed that in this church when I closed the doors and I sat in one of the pews and I've done this, you know, with other spiritual places of worship. 

So I sat in the pew and I just closed my eyes.

and it was so wonderful. Because it was so quiet and almost instantaneously it was like my soul was soothed. 

My soul was soothed with silence. 

And so today, I...

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Episode 283: The Benefit of Wisdom for the Actor

core work May 08, 2024

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Today, I'm going to talk about the subject of Wisdom. 

Wisdom is my favorite word in the American language. 

God, do I love Wisdom. The reason why I love Wisdom is because Wisdom gives me power.

And sometimes it isn't even the power of knowledge, but the power of knowing what to do. 

And I don't have any script for this podcast or guidance for this podcast. I'm just talking to you about this subject because it is truly just the thing that I crave more of. 

This past week I turned another year older.

I help people to adjust their thoughts and their lives to work for them instead of against them.

And, that's a really crucial thing because it's certainly something that I did a lot when I was younger. 

I constantly worked against myself because I also was like, “Yeah I'm, I have so much energy and I'm so tough, I don't always have to be working for me.”

Oh, would I like to go back and talk to that 20 year old.

Becoming emotionally...

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Episode 282: Perfectionism and You!

core work May 01, 2024

Private Coaching

Now I wouldn't say that I would sometimes call myself Peter Pamela Perfectionism Rose, but sometimes I've called myself Peter Pamela Perfectionism Rose.

The biggest thing about perfectionism that I want to talk about today is that perfectionism leads to procrastination, leads to paralysis. 

The other thing that I think is so important about the lesson of perfectionism is to make your ears grow bigger, cunning, baffling, and powerful.

I look at all the ways, in fact even this too, recording today's podcast, I was looking for the right time to do it. 

But do you know what the right time to do it was? Right now. Right now was the right time to do it. 

See, my wanting to, and this is just me but maybe you can relate, my waiting to just feel like it is perfectionism in a very cunning, baffling, and powerful way, trying to get me to not do what I most need to do to move my career forward, which is because for the past, I think over two years now, I have...

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Episode 281: Taking Risks

core work Apr 24, 2024

Today I'm going to be talking about something that I have been doing recently, which I've been really taking risks.

It's been real. It's been an adventure. And I've said to myself, I remember earlier this year, I was in a foreign country. I was driving in a foreign country, on the opposite side of the road. And I went in my car. It was late at night and I'd been traveling for a while and I just said to myself, You are so brave.

You are so brave. 

And I think one of the things that I've learned in taking risks is really to encourage, be your own cheerleader while you're doing it. 

Because taking risks is scary. It gets us out of our comfort zone, and of course there's that, saying life begins at the end of our comfort zone, but it really is true.

And I don't think you are ever too old to take risks.

I did a podcast, oh gosh, I guess it was over a year ago, with my mom where, she shared with you all that she finished writing her 10th cookbook on her 80th birthday. 


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Episode 280: Vulnerability & the Actor

core work Apr 17, 2024


Today, I'm going to talk about something that I've been feeling recently—vulnerability.

Yeah. Vulnerability. Just feeling a little tender. 

Now, the thing I always think about with vulnerability is vulnerability and emotional availability is two of the greatest assets that actors can have. 

All I have to say about that is that can also be like your cross to bear, as it were when dealing with the industry. 

Because as an actor, as an artist, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. 

But how I like to approach the business is the business. When I go in there, I do my work, my good work.

What I want to do is focus on that and not focus on the business. 

So that's what Acting Business Boot Camp is all about. It's about getting you to focus on the right things at the right time. 

But today, we're going to talk a little bit more about vulnerability. I'm going to use my dear friend Melody Beattie.

The Language of Letting Go 


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Episode 279: Nepotism and Grandiosity

core work Apr 10, 2024


I'm going to be talking about something that a listener sent me, and I thought it was a really interesting idea for a podcast, which is about nepotism.

I do think it is yet another one of those areas of the industry where we can get our heads in the clouds and not on our bodies, and really allows us to make excuses for not showing up and taking responsibility.

As a NEPO baby, I am not one.

I do not come from anyone in the industry. You have an advantage in that you have those connections. However, you also have to have the talent, consistency, and persistence to back that up. The other thing is that, oh, you're so and so's daughter or you're so and so's child. Oh. Then you must be fantastic, and then you have to live up to that, or you can never be your own person.

Now, I have a friend of mine who is the child of an incredibly famous actor, but that child chooses to use a different name because they don't want to be known as so and so's child. Now, that is very...

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