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Episode 214: Self Care During Stressful Times

core work Jan 18, 2023

Time Management Workshop

Do the next right thing.

The Language of Letting Go

"Rest when you're tired. Take a drink of cold water when you're thirsty. Call a friend when you're lonely. Ask the universe to help when you feel overwhelmed."

Yeah, I was in a very challenging, difficult place, along with millions of other people. But I'm here. I survived. I handled it. And out of that came self-esteem, more self-esteem that I'm capable of and will never, ever be given more than I can handle.

I will never be given more than I can handle, but I will be given more than I can control.

"Many of us have learned how to deprive and neglect ourselves. Many of us have learned to push ourselves hard when the problem is that we've already pushed too hard. Many of us are afraid the work won't get done if we rest when we're tired. The work will get done. It will be done better than work that emerges from tiredness of soul and spirit."

Refuel. With self-love, with good food, with tea.

Because nourished, nurtured people who love themselves and care for themselves are the delight of the universe. 

They are well-timed, efficient, and divinely led.

And that is why self-care, especially during stressful times, is so very, very, very important.


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