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Episode 210: Interview with Bull Series Regular Geneva Carr

business tips Dec 21, 2022

Time Management Workshop

About Geneva:

GENEVA CARR is best known for her portrayal of Marissa Morgan on 6 seasons of the CBS television series BULL.  

Additional TV credits include Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Intent, Rescue Me, Younger, The Mysteries of Laura, Royal Pains, Elementary, The Good Wife, and Sex and the City.  

Film credits include Wonder Wheel, Love and Other Drugs, Ava’s possessions, It’s Complicated, College Road Trip, and the upcoming Asian Persuasion.

Geneva earned a 2015 Tony Nomination for Lead Actress in a Play for her performance as ‘Margery’ in Broadway’s Hand To God

Additional NY theatre credits include Trevor, Just Sex, I Wanna Destroy You, Finding Claire, Rose’s Dilemma, Clash by Night, Betty’s Summer Vacation, and Boise. 

You have to create a space where you can find work for yourself.

Bull was my eighth pilot, which I like telling actors about because it doesn't happen overnight. This was my eighth.

Hand to God led to Bull on CBS. I did that for six seasons.

And the truth is, nobody loves to audition as much as me because it's a 30-second movie starring me right now.

I love to prepare. It's like going to the gym. It's like putting on a show. And you know that for 5 minutes, you have a captive audience.

Casting directors want to like you. They want to get to know you. So if you can put your nerves aside and realize that it's a real treat to be in that room.

You have to watch everything ON TV. 

“I don't put people on TV if they don't watch TV.”

You can only be yourself.

Maybe it's easier for me now because I know who I am. I'm not apologizing for who I am. I can't please everyone. But the truth is, I don't like everyone, and the more you are authentically yourself, the more you will work.

If you want to build somebody up, give them an honest compliment. 

I had to go back to being an actor looking for work with a whole new toolkit.

The Director Tells the Story

Being a costar and a guest star has zero to do with being a series regular. It is very challenging being a series regular.

Costars and guest stars- savor those opportunities to learn because a series regular is really hard.


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