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Episode 256: Energy, Truth, & Your Beliefs

core work Nov 01, 2023

Katie Flahive Film and TV Class

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Energy attracts like energy. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

Like attracts like, and we attract and create our world.

If I am not treating myself well, that is what I am giving out to the world, and I will end up attracting people who don't treat me very well. 

By focusing not on what was but on only what can be, we create the world we choose. And we do this through the practice of affirmations. 

So again, by not focusing on our past but focusing and putting our attention on the now and the future we wish to create, that is how we create a better life for ourselves. 

Now, I'm not going to lie to you. When I first heard this kind of stuff, I was like, “That's a bunch of voodoo, voodoo, gobbledygook.” 

Until I was, honestly, sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I was desperate enough to change.

Until I was like, “I cannot stand my life as it is right now. I need to change things up.” 

So, I started the practice of affirmations. I stopped putting my focus on my past and started putting my focus on now and the future I wanted to create. And here I am, decades later. And I have a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Everyone wants an abundant life. Living an abundant life begins with believing in and focusing on an abundant world. 

I just finished teaching a class on Money Mastery. And one of the things I talk about is how I used to believe that there was not enough money. But that's the biggest bunch of bullshit out there.

That's thinking out of my ego. That's thinking out of finite thinking. I need to be switching my thoughts, aligning them with universal thought, with infinite thinking. Which is there is always enough money. That's the way I think today. There's always enough money. If I don't have any at the moment, I will be making more.

There's always enough money because there's always more money out there. Why? Because it is an abundant and infinite Universe. 

We are practicing gratitude and a gratitude list. It is so important because whatever we put our attention on will expand. 

So if I am putting my attention on abundance and the abundant Universe, whether that's even in this moment there is an abundance of air around me, if that's the only thing I can put my thought on that I can grasp in my brain, fine, we start there.

It doesn't matter where you begin in this. It's that you begin. 

If we focus on lack, if we focus on failing relationships, if we focus on not finding work, if we focus on not having enough money, like I just explained, we start to live in those “realities.” 

And I put the word realities in quotation marks.

And what am I doing by doing that? I'm putting a label on myself that I always have failing relationships, that I'm never able to find work, that I don't have enough money. And then that is the world I find myself living in. But I don't want to live there. 

I gave that up a long time ago. I want to live in an abundant life.

And I want to focus on an abundant Universe. Because it goes so much further than planet Earth, it's universal. The Universe is constantly expanding. 

And it wants us to expand. Why? Because we are a part of it. It is a part of us. 

Always remember the Truth is that the world is an abundant place with enough resources for all.

There's a fabulous affirmation for you. “The Universe is an abundant place, and there are enough resources for all.” 

And now, I'm going to move into the concept of truth and talk about how truth exists past my ego belief.

I must understand the difference between Truth with a capital T, which is universal Truth, higher Truth, my intuitiveness, higher knowledge, and little t truth, which is ego's truth. 

Now, there's a wonderful acronym for ego, which is “easing God out.” 

Now again, I consider this term God to be of your understanding. Someone once told me that God can be “good orderly direction.” It can be nature. It can be the universe. It is up to you. You can think of it as higher intelligence. Or your higher intuitive self. It can be that. It's the part of you that knows what good, orderly direction is.

Capital T Truth is Universal Truth. It is plants, it is nature, it is the wind blowing. And I want to be in alignment with that Truth.

Because I don't want to be tuned into that ego truth.

Because of that, I'm only then relying on finite amounts of information and wisdom. I want to have access to all the wisdom. And that is Universal Truth, infinite wisdom. 

And here's the thing: if everyone in the world still believed that the world was flat, would it be flat just because we believed it to be?

Some things are the Truth, whether you believe them or not. Including there is enough. Including I am enough. The incredible thing is that successful people question everything. And they also do what they most don't want to do by noon. But successful people are curious people.

Do not believe anything, and most importantly, do not believe anything you think about yourself that is limiting you in any way. That is just a limiting Belief. 

Remember, we started this podcast talking about energy. Then we moved into Truth. Truth with a capital T. 

And now we're looking at our beliefs.

The definition of consciousness is who we really are as opposed to the you that you believe that you are or we're taught that you are. 

So again, we talked about energy. We talked about what kind of truth. Now, I am challenging you with what is your consciousness.

Are you operating out of your limited beliefs and thereby accessing little amounts of energy and little amounts of truth? 

Or are you truly conscious?

Understanding who you really are from the universe's point of view, that you are infinite. Your success, your money, your abundance, your happiness, your achievements are unlimited.

I'm going to end this with a journal question, and it's a challenging one, so I encourage you to take pen to paper. 

  • If I did this, and then (fill in the blank), what would be possible for me?
  • If I did (fill in the blank), what would be possible for me?

For me, it was if I solved the riddle of my anxiety, what would be possible for me? 

And if you go back to the second podcast, now we are 150 podcasts in, more than that, but if you go back to the second one, you'll hear my story about anxiety. 

It's even been in the journey of doing this podcast on a weekly basis that I've really started to see what the possibility is if I solved the riddle of my anxiety.

I'm now seeing what is possible. And it's infinite. And I wish the same for you.