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Episode 189: The Art of Humility as an Actor

core work Jul 27, 2022

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Humility and being humble

Where is that balance between showing off, which is what some of the best Actors do, but then in the promotion or acknowledging success, finding humbleness?

That emotion of humiliation:

  • I've been at this so long, and how come I'm not making a living?
  • Or How come things aren't working for me?
  • I feel so humiliated.

 "Humility was a tough concept for me to comprehend. Taught from childhood to place the wants and needs of others always above my own. I equated humility with taking care of others. And ignoring my own feelings and needs."

Being taught, you always think of the other person first.

And although that is a lovely concept, if you're always thinking of other people, you are drying up your own well.

The problem is you cannot give from a dry well. 

You cannot give money from an empty pocketbook.

Because when you truly take care of yourself, you can truly take care of other people.

And it is only when you have a full well that you can truly give to others. 

The problem is, is that when you're giving from a dry well, what happens is that resentment builds up.

"I have learned that true humility is not degrading. It doesn't require that I neglect my own needs. In fact, humility is not measured by how much I do for other people. But my willingness to do my part in my relationship with a power greater than myself and my understanding of that." 

Say these words: I am willing, I am willing, I am willing, I am willing to show up. I am willing to do what is required of me.

I am willing to learn my lessons.

Humility is learned often when there has been maybe a touch of humiliation, or I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Actors, as artists, are to be vessels for the universe's work but to do that, we need to be willing, and we need to have a certain level of humility about where we are at. 

Responsibility is being willing.

By saying, "I'm willing to take responsibility. And what I'm saying I'm willing to take responsibility for is doing those things that will move me to that next level and learn that life lesson."

Take responsibility for the thoughts that go on in your head.

We're not responsible for our first thought. But we are responsible for our second.

And so when I say I'm willing and I'm in that place of humility, I can say, "Hey universe:

  • I am willing.
  • I am willing to step up,
  • I am willing to dress up.
  • I am willing to show up.
  • I am willing to take responsibility for my life, happiness, and career.
  • My health"

 "As my understanding of humility becomes clear, I am better able to do my part. I take responsibility for myself and for others. And I also realize that it is better. That when I need strength, or I need help, that I go to that higher knowledge, that higher power, that energy that makes the sunshine, that that is a better use of my energy and my time."

"Part of learning humility is learning to contribute to my own well-being. Today, I will do something loving for myself that I might normally do for someone else."


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