THE TOP FIVE THINGS AGENTS & CASTING DIRECTORS WANT YOU KNOW...but don't have the time to tell you

Get started on creating a clear actionable step-by-step roadmap to becoming a working actor.

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • My no bullshit approach to the work, without wasting your time, with no "gate keeper" standing in your way
  • The advice you have been yearning to know but have been missing 
  • The unfiltered views from a working casting director
  • How these 5 things can CHANGE the way you interact with the industry

"Peter Pamela Rose is a gift for actors. Her Acting Business Boot Camp gives you the tools to become a successful working actor. What acting school often neglects to teach you Peter does. The business side of being a creative person. PPR is an incredibly positive and genuine person who truly cares about her students. The network of people you become a part of is another invaluable tool you gain by becoming a part of the ABBC community. Take her class, work with her, it is life changing."

Katie Brennan

Do you feel like your career is stuck? Don't know where you're going wrong?

I give actors a real opportunity to achieve their dreams by cutting out all the bullshit and money exploitation in the Entertainment Industry.

I coach actors on what to do, where to go and give them a simple, actionable step by step roadmap on how to become a working actor. I save them years of despair and banging their head against the wall not knowing what to do next in their careers.

A Note from Peter Pamela...

I am known to my clients as “Mama Bear” because I fiercely support the careers of my Baby Bears. My constant loving challenge to my Cubs is for them to want success for themselves as much as their Mama Bear wants for them.” - Peter Pamela

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