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Episode 163: The Success Mindset for Working Actors

core work Jan 26, 2022

Listen to Episode 161: What Do You Want and How Do You Get it?

What you think, what you want, and what you do.

You need to train your brain to be more acute, more aware.

You want to handle your level 10 problems at level 10 energy.

How your Mindset works:

  • What is the function of your thoughts?
  • What is the function of your emotions?
  • Of your actions?

“Here is a breakdown of how your mindset works.”

We want a mindset that works 100% FOR us, not against us.

Excerpt from You Are a Badass at Making Money:

”Your beliefs are driving the bus. They take you where you’re going whether you’re paying attention or not. 

Your thoughts are the tour guide, the person upfront with the microphone and the clipboard—she can lean over and yank the wheel, slam on the brakes, step on the gas, flip the bus—she can do whatever, whenever she wants. She usually works in harmony with your beliefs, but she has all the veto power.

Your words are the assistant to your thoughts and beliefs. Your words back them up, voice their opinions, anchor in the message, they keep it real.

Your emotions are the fuel. They are ignited by your thoughts and can change your beliefs and the direction of your life. Without emotions, you’re going nowhere new and exciting.

Your actions build the road. They pave the path for your beliefs, but will reroute should thoughts and emotions make a change of plans and decide they want to stop at Dairy Queen or something.

When all these facets of your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment, focused on the same desire, singing “Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall” as they merrily roll along, you can manifest all the riches yo desire. But if you’re thinking about how much you’d love to make an extra five thousand dollars a month and how you have no idea how to do it, if you’re feeling terrified and extremely doubtful, believing that people won’t take you seriously (yourself included), if you’re saying out loud, “I love money and it comes to me easily” every morning in the mirror, and if you’re making one sales call per day after which you give up and crack open a beer, you aren’t gonna get very far.”

In order for me to put the left thumb on top, it takes conscious thought.

Your thoughts, words, and actions need to back up that want.

This business is so damn challenging, you want to have as much working FOR YOU!

That is going to get to you where you really want to go. You NEED a success mindset.