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Episode 155: Rep Gifts & The Challenge of the Holidays

business tips core work Dec 01, 2021

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What to get your reps for the holidays:

$25 gift is fine

Avoid food and alcohol

Who to give to:

  • Casting Director who you’ve booked a few jobs through over the years
  • Agent and/or Manager
  • Casting Director Agent or Manager who you’ve gotten a lot of stuff through get something a little more expensive

What to get:

  • Movie Tickets
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Find out if they like something
  • Favorite restaurant
  • Donate to a charity
  • Flowers


Holiday Triggers:

From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie:

"There are many positive triggers that remind us of Christmas (or Hannukah): snow, decorations, songs, wrapped packages, a nativity scene, or a star, stockings hung on a fireplace. And these "triggers" can evoke in us the warm, nostalgic feelings of the holiday celebration.

There are other kinds of triggers, though, that may be less apparent and evoke different feelings and memories.

Our mind is like a powerful computer. It links sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste with feelings, thoughts, and memories. It links our senses - and we remember.

Sometimes the smallest, most innocuous incident can trigger memories. Not all our memories are pleasant, especially if we grew up in a dysfunctional setting.

We may not understand why we suddenly feel afraid, depressed, and anxious. We may not understand what has triggered our codependent coping behaviors - the low self worth, the need to control, the need to neglect ourselves. When that happens, we need to understand that some innocuous event may be triggering memories recorded deep within us."

In 1987 on Christmas Eve, my grandfather passed away. And it was a sad time.

Every Christmas Eve I remember him, and I think about the grandpa who took me to the zoo at 5, and when I let go of my balloon by mistake, he bought me another balloon.

It’s an emotional Christmas memory and that’s ok. We need to allow those feelings to come up, and to journal and move through them.

Another thing that comes up for me, every December, it seems like it’s chaotic for me.

The feelings around December can be overwhelming.

  • Map out the month
  • Stay ahead of things

“If something, even something we don't understand, triggers painful memories, we can pull ourselves back into the present by self-care: acknowledging our feelings, detaching, and affirming ourselves. We can take action to feel good. We can help ourselves feel better every December. No matter what the past held, we can put it in perspective, and create a more pleasant holiday today.”

“If you’re hysterical, it’s historical.”

“If it’s after 11 o’clock at night and you think it’s a good idea, it’s not.”


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