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Peter Pamela Rose’s Acting Business Boot Camp

  • Have you lost track on what to do next for your acting career?
  • Do you feel like you are working hard on your career but you are not getting anywhere?
  • Would you like to have someone who is RECOMMENDED BY TOP AGENTS and CASTING DIRECTORS set out an effective plan of action for you on how to bring your acting career to the next level?

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  • “Peter Pamela Rose is one of those rare people who has consummate knowledge about all aspects of the business, the experience to back it up, and most of all, the ability to impart that knowledge and teach in a purely joyous way. Plus, she’s a straight shooter – no fluff, and a delight to work with.”

    — Billy Serow, Agent Abrams Artists Agency



    “I can’t imagine a better person to guide any performer through the sometimes rocky shoals of his or her career than Peter Pamela Rose of ACTING BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.”

    — David Cady, Casting Director

    Donna DeSeta Casting, NYC