How to Own Your Power as an Actor

Proven strategies to look fear in the face, created for actors who desire to move into their own power.

Give It To Me!

Here’s What’s Inside…

  • Three levels of consciousness
  • Why fear is not the problem
  • What to do in moments you feel paralyzed by fear
  • How to feel better about YOU!

""I am no longer afraid of the industry. I'd been struggling for ten years, spinning my wheels. I knew I needed help navigating the business. But, I had absolutely no idea where to turn. ABBC gave me the tools to show up, prepared and as my best self, in rooms I'd always dreamed of being in. I am eternally grateful to Peter and ABBC.""

Kat Murphy

Do you struggle with paralysis and fear in your acting career?

Whether you are stuck in victim energy and not having an agent or struggling with audition fear and self sabotage, the key is OWNING YOUR POWER. Grab my free guide to finally learn what it takes to conquer those obstacles and become the person capable of achieving your dreams.


A Note from Peter Pamela...

I am an active Casting Director, and a Certified Career Coach with over 20,000 hours of professional coaching experience. I am also a fully vested 30 year member of SAG-AFTRA.

Through consistence and persistence over time I have cultivated a proven roadmap that I coach over and over again to help actors become working actors.

Yes! I Want to Own my Power!