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Episode 285: Centering Exercise for the Actor

core work May 22, 2024

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Today, I'm going to do something to follow up from what I talked about last week, which was prayer and meditation for the actor. 

I got a lot of emails about how many people enjoyed that podcast. So what I wanted to do today was focusing on centering, and centering for the actor. So this is going to be a little different.

I don't recommend that you do this while you are driving a car or maybe even walking down the street. 

This would be a podcast episode that you want to be at home and in a comfortable place because I'm going to be going through different areas of your body and talk about centering them. 

So if you will, I have taken off my shoes. I am standing here in front of my mic and you can do this, I guess actually if you wanted to do this on a subway, you could or just somewhere you don't have to pay attention for a bit. 

Put yourself in a comfortable spot. That could be lying on the ground with your legs in the semi supine position, meaning they're bent at the knees and your feet are flat on the ground. Maybe put a book underneath your head or a small blanket and find a comfortable place for your arms, whether that be down by your side or stretched out.

And if you're seated, locate where your sit bones are. 

And allow your spine to get real tall. Place your hands in your lap.

If you're standing as I am right now, feel the ground beneath your feet and just take a deep breath in through your nose.

Let it go.

I want you to think of a cloud.

A light blue cloud just above your head.

Imagine how puffy it is.

In this cloud, there is clear, light blue liquid.

And imagine an angel coming with an arrow and pricking the bottom of that beautiful blue cloud.

Slowly, gently, the liquid hits the top of your head

and slowly goes down your forehead, the back of your scalp, to your ears, down the back of your head, to your eyebrows, to your eyes, down your nose and your cheekbones.

Into your cheeks, top of your lips, down the sides of your face, your lower lip, your chin, slowly down the back of your neck, down the front of your neck, relaxing those throat muscles.

As it does, breathe, and allow your face to relax. To be completely submerged by this magical blue liquid as it pauses right at your clavicle, your collarbone.

Breathe and allow your face, the back of your head, your scalp, the hair on your head to completely relax and just be.

Allow the liquid to continue down your collarbones, into your shoulders, down your arms, your biceps and your triceps, into your elbows, down your forearms, into your wrists.

Take a deep breath here.

Into your thumbs and that fleshy part of your thumbs. Into your palms down the front of your fingers and starting to drip gently off your fingertips. While the blue liquid goes from your wrists and down the front of your hands into those front knuckles of your hands, into your fingers, down the front of your fingertips, and meeting The back of your fingertips and dripping off.

Now your head, your shoulders, your arms, and your hands, and your fingers are completely relaxed.

Place your attention now back to the clavicle, and allow the blue liquid to rush down into your chest, your breasts, your shoulder blades, down your spine, down and around your torso, off your breasts, into your abdomen through your solar plexus, down into your buttocks and into your groin.

It is now as if you are wearing a full bathing suit, and you are completely relaxed and centered in this moment. Just being here with your breath, and my voice, again, and again.

Imagine that blue liquid being in your head, in your shoulders, down your arms, in your hands, in your fingertips, down your chest, in your breasts, in your solar plexus, in your abdomen, down your back, through the shoulder blades, down your back of your torso, the sides of your torso, and don't forget to let go of any tension.

In your armpits, allow that blue bathing suit to just rest gently on your skin and allow that blue liquid to purify you and center you.

With your breath, I want you to concentrate on your groin area and I want you to think of your right leg.

Take a breath and allow that blue liquid to go from the right of your groin down your hamstring and your quadricep into your knee, relaxing it, nurturing it, loving it.

We hold so much tension in our legs. And for right now, for our purposes, we don't need to. It is safe for us to let go and to center.

From our right knee, we allow the blue liquid to go down into our shins and our calves and rest in our ankles, again, letting go and centering, feeling very grounded on our right side.

Down into our heel, into our foot, into our toes, and out the tops of them.

That can be the point of your toes, that can be the back of your toes, that can be where the little hairy part is of your toes. And yes, if you want to giggle, you can giggle.

Our right side is completely relaxed. And we are centered. As we direct our attention into our left hip. Into our left groin. Where again we allow that blue liquid to rush into our hamstrings and our quadriceps, and rest in our knee.

Allow it to be in that other knee.

Take a breath.

It is safe to let go.

From our knee we go into our calves and our shins, into our ankle. We pause there for yet another cleansing, centering breath.

We release that liquid from that ankle into our heel, into our foot, down our toes. And let it drip out of the point of our toes, or the back of our toes, or that sweet little hairy part of our toes. Wherever we wish.

We are completely relaxed. We are centered. We are ready.

We are paused, and we are poised.

I am with myself in this moment.

I will not abandon myself in this moment. I am here for myself in this moment. Universe, let me be a beacon of your light. 

And one more.

And so it is.

I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you are more centered and if you feel yourself warm like I do, it's because energy has released. 

You are truly centered. You are truly with yourself. 

And you can always be this very special way.