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Episode 240: Scarcity Thinking Around the Strike(s)

core work Jul 12, 2023

Peggy's Improv Class

I'm just going to talk about scarcity.  

What is scarcity thinking?  

It's not enough. There's not enough. 

There isn't enough work out there.  

There isn't any work out there.  

Jealousy is a type of scarcity thinking because it is not acknowledging that there is enough for everyone.  

And this kind of thinking as an actor really only hurts you. 

The phrase is, you take the poison and wait for somebody else to die.  

And, you know, it's the same thing with scarcity thinking.  

First of all, it's not true. Scarcity thinking is based in your ego thought. It's not based in universal thought. And I always talk about kind of like turning your internal dial to universe as opposed to ego.  

The thing about me and my ego is that I know my ego.  

Even though you think by the word ego, it would want everything good for me. I have learned over many years of studying this work and practicing it that it's actually quite the opposite.  

If I need to choose between what the universe wants for me and what Peter wants, I'm going to choose the universe because I know that is the wider choice. 

My ego comes from a very finite amount of thought and intelligence, and wisdom.  

The universe comes from infinite wisdom, infinite abundance, infinite beauty, infinite possibilities, and infinite wisdom.  

So when it comes to something put in my face, like a writer strike and a potential actor strike. 

Because of that, because you know what I see as the quote-unquote reality, I must understand what it means. 

Take care of myself in this plane, but also remind myself to tune my thoughts into the infinite abundance of the universe.  

I'm not going to be destitute. I'm not going to be homeless. None of these things are going to happen. I won't lose all credibility in my business and the reputation I've built for over 30 years. 

None of that is going to happen. 

Strikes are survivable, and we can all manage what is happening in our industry today. We can manage it.  

We can't control it. We can't control it. It is far beyond us as an individual for us to control these strikes, the existing one and the potential one.  

But what I can do, what I can do is remind myself not to act out of scarcity. 

But tune my dial in to the energy of the universe, to the infinite abundance, to the infinite possibilities, to the infinite beauty and expansion, and again, the abundance of the universe.  

And use this time to create, use this time to reflect. Because isn't that better than worrying about something you don't have any control over?  

Recalibrating you to Truth with a capital T.