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Episode 235: Letting Go of What We Want as an Actor

core work Jun 07, 2023

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The Language of Letting Go

"It is important to identify what we want and what we need, but where does this concept leave us? Well, generally, what it leaves us with is a large but clearly identified package of currently unmet wants and needs, but we've taken the risk to stop denying and to start accepting what we want and need.

But the problem is now that the want or the need hangs there unmet. This can be frustrating. Painful, annoying, and sometimes obsession producing."

After identifying our needs, there is a next step in getting our wants and needs met. The next step is letting go of our wants and needs after we have painstakingly identified what they are and the steps to achieve them.

We let go. We give them up on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. It's not always easy to get to this place, but this is usually where we need to go."

I'm not talking here about giving up as an actor and giving up your dream.

What I am talking about is giving up the obsession, giving up the frustration, and giving up the pain, giving up the annoyance.

Because how often have I denied a want or a need? Then I went through the steps to identify my needs, only to become even more annoyed, frustrated, and challenged because I didn't have what I want and didn't know how to get it.

If I embark on a plan to control or influence getting that want or need met, I usually make things worse.

"Searching, trying to control the process doesn't work. I must, and I have learned to my dismay, need to let go."

This is very different from getting a practical plan of action, taking the steps, aligning the thoughts, and then letting go.

"Visiting our own head is like visiting a bad neighborhood because it's a place that works against us instead of for us."

I'm going to take these actions, let go of the results, and produce amazing results.

The more I hope and try to get it, the more frustrated I feel because I'm not getting it.

We often find that we really actually can have what we want and need or even something better. But sometimes, letting go is part of it.

Letting go of that obsession, of that frustration, of that annoyance, of that pain.