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Episode 226: Guildhall's Ken Rea Returns Part Two

acting training Apr 12, 2023

Ken Rea's Outstanding Actor Workshop

Ken's Theater Troupe

So we wanted to do something that challenged that, that could excite and inspire young audiences and people, people who didn't go to the theater.

There was such an amazing optimism, upbeat, warm energy. And we just got on and did it.

Is it possible to have that attitude again in the world as it is now?

I'm not looking to change the world anymore, but if I can help someone else change themselves, they will then be able to help change other people.

Our first duty is to ourselves.

What can I put back to the planet as a kind of legacy for being on this earth?

Actors have a very important job to do right now in that by telling stories that are powerful and that are going to uplift people and give people hope and inspiration that can hopefully make the world better and better. 

How do you step up to that next level?

How do you inspire people to find the courage to get up to that next level?

So the first thing is to create an environment in which you can be playful in a generous way, generous, playful with each other, making sure your partner enjoys playing with you.

And that takes away some of the fear.

And how do I set that up? Often by saying to people, You don't have to do your best. You know, you don't be afraid of getting it wrong.

You don't have to impress me. You don't have to impress each other right here to explore, to find out things.

Your great strength as an American actor is your sense of naturalism.

Until you can remove the fear in the room, good work can't happen.

You have to love the audience. It's an act of love being on stage or on screen. You're giving something to the audience. 

The Structure of the Workshop.