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Episode 200: The Art of Self Approval

core work Oct 12, 2022

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Being the Alpha Class for SAG-AFTRA

"Most of us want to be liked. We want other people to think of us as nice, friendly, kind, and loving. Most of us want the approval of others." 

What I started to learn was that people not liking me was survivable.

That not everybody had to like Peter. Not everybody had to approve of Peter. But the number one person who did need to approve of Peter, who did need to like Peter. Who did need to love Peter was Peter.

"Since childhood, some of us have been trying to get approval, trying to get people to like us and think highly of us. We may be afraid people will leave us if they disapprove of our actions."

I survived. And not only did I survive, but I also thrived. Because I no longer was looking for that person's approval. I was looking for my own.

What was so scary about people leaving me was that I didn't know how to love myself. But guess what I learned? I learned. It's something that you can learn.

Please guide me. Please guide me to love myself. Please guide me to approve of myself. So I don't ask agents, casting directors, and managers for it. Because guess what? Them approving of you is not their job. 

"In order to live happily, to live consistently with a way our higher power or the universe wants us to live and to tap into a way of life that is in harmony with the universe. We need to let go of our extreme need for approval."

If that casting director, agent, or manager doesn't like you, and that's probably not what it is, they're just passing on you because they don't feel they can serve you. You will survive.

But it's about you gaining perspective on yourself. And you approving of you. That is so important.

"These unmet needs for approval and love from our past give others control of us today."

I can control whether I give my power away.

"These needs from the past can prevent us from acting in our own best interest and being true to ourselves. Acting in her own best interest."

I want to act in my own best interest. I don't want to give my power away anymore. I want to be true to myself. Even if it upsets the people who mean most to me in the world, we can approve of ourselves.

In the end, that's the only approval that counts.