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Episode 195: Letting Go of Chaos

core work Sep 07, 2022

Time Management Workshop

Letting go of chaos.

Language of Letting Go, Melodie Beatty

What causes chaos? Well, what causes chaos is control.

"No good work comes from unrest."

And what I have learned about that is how true that is. Because if I don't rest, if I don't fuel up, I cannot be of service to other people around me.

Wake up in the morning and say "Good morning, universe. This is Peter, Pamela Rose, and I am showing up for duty." And I know that kind of sounds crazy, but it takes a lot of pressure off the day.

When I get overwhelmed, all I need to do is simply ask for help, ask for strength, ask for wisdom.

And what does that look like? I'll do it right now. "Give me strength. Please guide me. Show me, show me what it is you want me to do. Show me the things that you need me to do today so I can be of maximum service to other people on this planet."

"Unrest, fear, anger, or sadness may motivate us. These feelings are sometimes intended to compel action. But our best work emerges after these feelings have been replaced by peace. We will not accomplish our task any sooner or any better by performing it out of a sense of urgency, fear, anger or sadness."

And that's also why I think it's so important to do what I just did: stop and take a step back. And asking for wisdom and asking for guidance and asking for strength, asking for concentration, asking for brainpower. Or for more bandwidth.

"Let go of unrest. Let peace fill the void. We do not have to forfeit our power, our God-given or universe-given personal power, or our peace. Our peace to do the work as we are called upon to do today."

And again, sometimes I need to think that what the universe wants me to get done in a day and what Peter Pamela Rose wants to get done in a day are often two very different things.

And the universe is much kinder.

What's amazing about that is that I can plug into that universe any time I can ask for that guidance. I can. Ask for that peace. I can ask for that wisdom.

And I love that phrase "to do what we are called upon to do today," because I'm only responsible for today. I only need to do today. 

I can't live for yesterday. I can plan for tomorrow. I can prepare for tomorrow. I can do something today that my inner self will thank me for a year from now.

But the fact of the matter is, I can only do today.

And that acknowledgment helps to let go of the chaos.

"We will be given all the power we need to do what we are meant to do when it is time. Let peace come first. Or I like to say let prayer come first or let asking come first, then proceed. The task will get done naturally and on time."

You're taking your hands off the wheel and trusting the universe, which is the pilot, to steer.