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Episode 186: Patience and the Actor

core work Jul 06, 2022


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The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beatty.

“How sick and tired we may have become of people telling us to be patient or learn patience.

 How frustrating it can be to want to finally have something or to move forward and then not have that happen. How irritating to have someone tell us to wait while our needs have not been met. And we're in the midst of anxiety, frustration, and inaction.”

Anxiety is always about fear of the future. And in terms of patience, it's, of course, that we're afraid it will never happen.

Working actors take the action and let go of the result. And our patient.

“Well, maybe it'll never happen. Maybe. It won't happen for me.”

If we can turn that energy of frustration into action as opposed to inaction

The lowest form of energy is victim. It's where we feel we can't do anything. We're totally powerless.

You can use your patience and feel the patience.

We want to move from inaction to being in action and to take responsibility.

“Don't confuse the suggestion to be patient with the old rule of not having feelings. It is essential to feel our feelings.”

The three A's are awareness, acceptance and action.

Now, what does feeling the feelings look like?

  • Making yourself a cup of tea and journal
  • It doesn't matter what you write.
  • Write crap.
  • It doesn't have to be good.
  • Do a brain dump. Write it down.

“Being patient does not mean we go through the sometimes grueling process of life and recovering ourselves without having the feelings. Feel the frustration, feel the impatience, get as angry as you need to about not having your needs met, feel your fear.”

And that fear again that we're not going to get what we want.

Your goals, your thoughts, and your actions.

So if your goal is to be a working actor, your thoughts all need to be aligned with that goal.

All those action steps also need to be aligned with those thoughts, with your goal of to be a working actor. 

“Controlling are feelings will not control the process. You cannot control the process. But what you can do is handle it.”

You can't control the process, but you can handle it. How do you handle it? By using your mind to govern your brain through your thoughts, and also taking the actions that are required in order to achieve your goals.

You take those actions, you let go of the results. 

We find patience by surrendering to our feelings again. That's that process of acceptance. 

“Patience cannot be forced. It is a gift. One that closely follows acceptance and gratitude.”

When we work through our feelings to fully accept who we are and what we have. We will be ready to be and have more.

Because the universe is infinite and your success can be infinite.

You just need to practice patience, awareness, acceptance, and action. And taking the action and letting go of the result.