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Episode 173: The Art of Monologues with Andrew Dolan

acting training Apr 06, 2022

About Andrew:

Andrew Dolan’s credits include American Daughter (Broadway), Strictly Dishonorable (Vineyard), Pink, Ted Kaczynski (SPF), What Then (Clubbed Thumb), Tree House (NY Stage & Film), Measure for Measure (Target Margin) UK: Edmond (National Theatre). The Woods (National Studio), Boy from the Book (English Touring Theatre).

Regional: Mamba's Daughters (Spoleto Festival), Burn This, Marco Millions, Cyrano, 12th Night, Hapgood (ACT), Substance of Fire. Savage/Love (Magic Theatre), Loot, Amadeus (Arizona Theatre Co.), Road to Nirvana, Down the Road, Boy’s Life, Coming Attractions (Encore Theatre).

TV/Film: House of Cards, Your Honor, Chicago Med, Blue Bloods, Bull, Elementary, Good Cop, Blacklist, Handsome Harry Unstoppable, Partners in Crime, 28 Days, Being Human, David Letterman. all Law & Orders, Conviction, Return of Jezebel James.

Training: Bowdoin College, American Conservatory Theatre.

He is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter. His play, The Many Mistresses of Martin Luther King won the Ovation Award for Best New Play in Los Angeles. He also has an extensive voiceover career. He has taught at Stella Adler, ACT, AADA, and TheFreemanStudio.

Operative words and images and how much you can throw away.

Identify the core emotion of the script.

Find the words and phrases you can act upon.

That's when you lean into everything you have to give.

“Find the good stuff.”

Your body needs to be engaged even when your full body isn’t on the camera.

Mentality: practice as hard as you play.

One quality a CD looks for in an actor: I know I am in good hands with them.

Self-esteem needs to be earned by yourself.


  • Find a cut that works
  • Always leave them wanting more
  • Catalogue of works
  • Casting yourself is 70% of the game
  • Don’t be lazy, find material that works for you

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Ground yourself in the realities so you are ready to play.

The purpose of technique is to fill in the gaps when the inspiration fails.

Use the conscious side of your brain so your unconscious can be free.

So you can feel: I got this.