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Episode 171: Interview with Working Actor Matt Corboy

business tips Mar 23, 2022


About Matt:

Matt Corboy is a journeyman actor who has appeared in over 100 television shows and movies as well as over 125 national commercials.

Most notably, he was Cousin Ralph in the Academy Award-winning movie, The Descendants, alongside George Clooney; Officer Ray Carlson on Emmy Award-winning television series The Shield; and most recently, four episodes as Matt Dickson on This Is Us that aired this February on NBC.

When you're new, it's OK to be new, and you don't have to pretend that you're not. 

  • That goes back to like being your authentic self.
  • Nobody expects the first time you're on set to be like, "Yeah, hey, I just came from my trailer, and I'm ready for it." 
  • You don't have to put on airs of anything. 
  • Keep your mouth shut, observe, let it happen to you, and learn.

There's nobody on this planet who does you better than you.

The sooner you realize that authentic you is good enough. The faster you will start booking. 

"Don't put me into the role; put the role into me."

The more you do that, the more people will say, "Oh my God, that's not how we saw it, but God, this guy just owned it."

 The actors that continue to work have that enthusiasm every time they're on the set.