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Episode 169: The Courage to Be Yourself

core work Mar 09, 2022

This is the miracle of Core Work: you can discover a new level of confidence, on a whole other level of self-assuredness, in a whole other level of the courage to be yourself.

The courage to be “Peter Pamela Rose,” and show the world who that is, and be totally delighted whether the reaction is, “oh, I love her”o r “oh no, thank you.” 

That feeling of being alive and that feeling of utter gratitude for my love, for my life and for what I have, and for my future. And it's an incredible, incredible place to be. 

You may be asking: Well, how do I get there?

Go back to some of my previous Core Work Lessons.

  • Listen to the episode, you can be at Whole Foods or, you know, walking down the street, listen to it once.
  • Then go back when you're sitting at home or in a coffee shop and listen to it.  
  • And write down the questions and take notes. 
  • And when I ask Empowering Questions like, "why does this make me feel that way?"
  • Set your timer for each question for 10 minutes. Just start at five or 10 minutes. I really encourage you to go to 20 minutes. 
  • And you don't know the answer to those questions, what I encourage you to do is just say I don't know.
  • And then I want you to ask yourself, but what would it be if I did know? What would it be if I did know?

If you are looking to change and you're like, "I need more help than that," then SHOOT ME AN EMAIL AT [email protected].

 And just say, "I want to get more in-depth with core work!"

Then let me guide you and help you there.

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

“When I meet people or get in a new relationship, I start putting all these repressive restrictions on myself. I can't have my feelings. I can't have my wants and needs. I can't have my history. Can't do things I want, to feel the feelings I'm feeling, or say what I need to say. I turn into this repressed perfectionist robot instead of being who I am. Me.”


And the thing that hits me so painfully and so deeply about this is this is so how I used to be.

The core work is the power of turning from someone who is a repressed perfectionist robot into someone who has the ability and the courage.

That is something I’ve earned.

Like exercise, but in some ways much harder.

I know, it's very difficult to look at questions about yourself that are so searing and so painful, and I remember when I first started doing this work, I would get sleepy. 

What happens is, is that our systems shut down to that new, almost invading message. 

New information, those new probing, Empowering Questions that are going to lead us with time, effort, and energy to have the courage to be ourselves. 

Think about it in terms of acting and being free to act in front of an Agent, a Casting Director, or a Manager. 

It is magnetic. It's sexy, people want a piece of it when you go into a room being totally comfortable with who you and you own that room from the second you walk in.

You are not auditioning for that job. You are auditioning for that relationship. And guess what, you might actually get the job too!

No matter what is thrown at you on a set, your concentration, your ability to exercise your skills as an actor has to be there.

This core work is the magic sauce. You'll start doing this. You get your acting training at the highest level it can be. You get your business skills up and going, and then all of a sudden by magic, things start happening. Why is that? Because you are learning the courage to be yourself!

I can talk about this with utter passion because I used to be that actress, that repressed person, who would go into an audition, and all I would want it to be was perfect. 

As opposed to going into an audition and letting it be and letting it fly and letting it live and letting it breathe.

Today, I encourage you to be yourself and to show the world how magnificent you really are and just let it fly.