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Episode 167: Protecting Yourself from Energy Vampires

core work Feb 23, 2022

Energy Vampires= people who take away valuable energy you need to push past the things that are standing in the way of your dreams.

Level 10 energy

Who to watch out for: People who zap your energy.

How do we protect ourselves?

  • Put on an imaginary bubble suit.
  • Their stuff does not need to affect you.
  • You have the opportunity to arrive late and leave early.

Other kinds of Vampires

  • Other Actors on set.
    • No is a complete sentence.
  • People preying on the actors in the Industry.
  • Family who is not supportive.

Tips and tools:

  • Get the focus off of you
  • No is a complete sentence
  • Don't cosign on someone else’s drama
  • Ask yourself, is this going to be a healthy thing to be involved in or unhealthy?
  • Your life depends on deflecting the energy suckers
  • Don’t treat someone like a priority who treats you like an option


Be kind to these people, if they could be doing better they would.


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