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Episode 165: Fantasy vs. Reality in Your Acting Career

core work Feb 09, 2022

Fantasy can become a liability.

It can become a crutch, “one day I'll ______”

You keep pushing to the future and you don’t deal with the reality of what needs to happen NOW.

Spiral it out to get to the seed of what you really want.

  • Why do you want to become an actor?
  • Well, why do you love acting?
  • Continue to break down the reason.
  • Continue asking why.
  • Then what is the reality for me around this want?

Once we unpack the fantasy, we can turn it into a reality

Fantasy can also destroy the good seed of why you want to do it.

It’s your ego. It takes away the beauty.

Ask yourself: How does my fantasy about becoming a famous actor, corrode my love for the art of acting?


Every day we need to be doing actions that move us closer to our goal.

It’s hard work.

You need to focus on The Three Pillars:

  1. Acting training
  2. Business skills
  3. Core work

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