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Episode 164: Interview w/ Single Drunk Female Producer Colleen Labella

business tips Feb 02, 2022

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About Colleen:

Colleen Labella is the Director of Development for Leslye Headland's company, Shoot to Midnight. She is a producer on the new Freeform hit series SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE. Colleen worked on Fox's ALMOST FAMILY and Showtime's BLACK MONDAY, and she currently has a number of projects in development under Shoot to Midnight with 20th Century Fox.

Colleen also directs theatre in the greater Los Angeles area. Credits include: fml: How Carson McCullers Saved My Life at the University of San Diego, Canyon for Center Theatre Group at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, and a journey through minimalism at the Walt Disney Concert Hall featuring the LA Philharmonic. 

She holds her BFA in Acting from the University of Connecticut and trained at Tisch's Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU, as well as Shakespeare's Globe in England. Colleen focuses her work on women, collaborative storytelling, ensemble-based projects, and the LGBT experience.

Get good at asking for what you want.

I Am That Girl

“No is survivable”

Qualities of good auditions:

  • When I was surprised
  • Energy
  • Who you are and what you brought to it
  • Value in looking your best for that role
  • Make the CD’s job easier
  • Energy matters in space
  • It doesn’t mean you’re a bad actor if you don’t book the role!
  • Win the room!

A Life in Parts

The Power of Saying Thank You!