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Episode 154: Interview with Award Winning Casting Director Judy Henderson

business tips Nov 24, 2021

About Judy:

Judy Henderson has been honored by The Ross Reports as one of the top 20 US Film Casting Directors.

Highlights include Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series. 2 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series. 4 Artios Awards for Outstanding Achievement TV Series and Theatre Drama Casting. Artios nomination for Independent Film Feature Casting, and 8 Artios nominations for Off-Broadway Theatre Drama Casting.

She has cast innumerable national on-camera and voice-over television commercials. She is a member of the Casting Society of America and Local 817 of the Teamsters Theatrical Union. Select Film credits include Before Midnight, Paranormal 2, 12 and Holding, L.I.E. (6 Independent Spirit Award Nominations, Winner of Best Debut Performance Award), and Before Sunrise. Select TV credits include Homeland-(Emmy Award and 2 Artios Awards - Showtime Series), Love And Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story (Fox), and Land of Little Rain (PBS). Broadway credits include Barefoot In The Park, and Anna Karenina (4 Tony Nominations).

Off-Broadway credits Invasion (Obie Award), Lie of The Mind (Artios Award), The Kid (5 Drama Desk Nominations), and Hurlyburly (Artios Award).

Who Hires You for Projects?

How does Judy decide who to call in for an audition?

What are the qualities of actors you love to bring in?

  • Thinks of it in terms of what she has to do.
  • Goes to the theater a lot

What talent means to her

  • Someone who makes me believe they are the person they are playing
  • Someone who will not melt in a situation that may or may not be consistent
  • Trained