What's Standing in the Way of Your Voiceover Career?


In This Masterclass



How to Kickstart Your Voiceover Career

You’ll learn how to get out of your own way, identify and create goals, and discover what makes YOU marketable


Common Pitfalls and Mistakes

You'll see what is stopping you from making the progress you seek


Two Key Types of Goals You Need to Set

Learn how to transform your goal setting through these two key principles


3 Ways to Transform Your Voiceover Dreams into Voiceover Realities 

We'll talk Three Actionable ways you can get going in the world of Voiceovers

"Mandy's coaching has helped to get me out of my head when working on copy, and to deliver an authentic and unique performance in the booth.  She’s also taught me to fine tune my VO audition habits, allowing me to record and submit my auditions in half the time it used to take me."


Do you feel burnt out, frustrated, lost, overwhelmed, excited, motivated, or unsure of how to move from hobbyist to careerist?

How ever you're feeling, I have been there- and we are going to figure out your Voiceover action plan for 2024 together.

In this 60 minute Masterclass, I'm going to walk you through how to take your career to the next step, wherever you are in your journey.

I'll answer all your burning questions AND help you uncover your next steps.

A Note From The Instructor...

Thank you for joining me for this masterclass! This has been such a journey putting together all of my thoughts, tips, ideas, and experiences...I am so excited that you're taking this next step in your career and putting your trust in me to help you.

I want to take a second to remind you that this program is not a guarantee you will book or make 6 figures...YOU have to make that happen. But these lessons can guide you to those goals and I'm confident you will soar past whatever measures of success you have in mind. 

I can't wait to get started and help you craft your business models so they are sustainable, scalable, and financially sensible.