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Whether you need help with an audition, guidance on a particular vertical, or just want to keep your vocal muscles warm.

We got you covered with Mandy Fisher.

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Mandy is available to coach you on wide array of voiceover verticals:

Whether you want to hone your acting technique, have an audition, or want expand into new areas of voice over, Mandy is here to offer her expertise.

Mandy coaches all levels for Commercial, Promo, Radio Imaging, Political, Medical, eLearning and Corporate, or Long Form Narration.

With over 15 years in voice over, she has seen the ebbs and flows of the industry and built her own successful business up. She is here to help actors set goals, make progress, and become the actor you always dreamed of being.

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About Mandy:

Mandy Fisher is a NYC-based full time voiceover actor with over 15 years experience in the industry. She has worked with brands like Crayola, Disney, Peloton, Coke, Walmart, and Kohls to name a few.

Her passion for voiceover and genuine love of helping people inspire her to work with actors of all stages of their career. 

With a theater background, she brings her training to guide copy analysis and character creation. As an industry vet of 15 years, she has witnessed the changes and understands the ebbs and flow of the business. 

Mandy created her own voiceover business from the ground up and has a successful and replicable model to help actor's build their own successful business.

All of this adds up to a coach who can provide audition and career advice, while helping actors become the best they can be!


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