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Because the intersection of savvy business habits and creative spirits can be a messy thing

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What is life coaching?

Life coaching is for everyone at every level of success and achievement. As we unlock new levels of success, our brains will serve up all sorts of new stories to unpack so coaching is useful for all actors at all points on their own unique journey. 

The value of coaching can not be overstated. I believe we all need someone who looks at our brains with us and helps us see where we're stuck and how there is the possibility to move forward on a more efficient path.

For performers and actors specifically, understanding how we tick as people, our patterns, our defaults, and our nervous system responses to threat and fear can make the difference in finding a way to interact with this career in a way that actually feels fulfilling. We get to own all of it, the hard, the nourishing, the challenges, the fulfillment, and bring all of those discoveries into our work as actors. I think coaching is one of the very best things we can do to build stamina and sustain a life in the arts. 

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About Molly:

Molly Noerenberg is a life and embodiment coach for performing artists. As a coach, Molly helps people make transformational change in the way they connect to themselves, their bodies and their unique nervous systems so that they can bring their most authentic selves into the world. Working with Molly means you will have someone on your team with unwavering belief in what is possible for you. As a coach, Molly has an incredible passion for helping performers connect to their truest essence and finding ways to express themselves that make them feel truly alive.  
A fellow performer and singer, Molly has spent her entire career supporting the hearts, minds and lives of performers. Molly is a certified Life Coach from the Health Coach Institute(formerly Holistic MBA), received her Bachelor of the Arts in Vocal Performance from Carnegie Mellon University, her Masters of the Arts in Vocal Performance from New York University and her Advanced Certificate from NYU in Vocal Pedagogy. Molly is the founder of the coaching practice, in addition to serving on the faculty of NYU Steinhardt, and being the co-founder of the NYC Vocal Studio


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