Agent Lists

For All Three Major Markets

If you’re an actor looking for representation...

You may feel overwhelmed by reaching out to agents and managers, and I get it.

How do you know which Agents and Managers are trustworthy?

How do you compile all their information?

You could spend hours trying to search for addresses and websites and email addresses.

Or you could have access to my own INDUSTRY VETTED Agent and Manager lists for all THREE MAJOR MARKETS

What comes with this?

you have access to…


  • New York Agents and Managers

    Separated by Commercial, Theatrical, and VO Agents/ Managers
  • Los Angeles Agents and Managers

    Separated by Commercial, and Theatrical Agents/ Managers
  • Atlanta Agents and Managers

    The South East Market is GROWING at a staggering pace! 

    We did all the work FOR YOU! Simply print off the labels and send!

    Never worry that your information isn't up to date again!

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-Dani Martinek

Get the Agent Lists and Labels for All Three Major Markets Today!

Yearly Subscription for $99

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Why I made these lists: 

I created this list because I know how confusing and time consuming compiling your target list can be!

If you want help learning how to use these lists to get the BEST OUTCOMES, check out The Working Actor Road Map.

Inside the 6 Module Course, I dive deep into Agent/ Manager Letters that have helped 85% of my students secure STELLAR REPRESENTATION.

I hope these lists help your journey,

Peter Pamela Rose, CPC

Get the Agent Lists and Labels for All Three Major Markets Today!

Yearly Subscription for $99

(Cancel at any time)