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Develop your Voiceover Philosophy:

Coaching sessions for commercial voice-over are rooted in helping you create your own philosophy of how to approach copy with a specific point of view and unique perspective.  

Each student is taught at their own speed and their progression is carefully monitored to make sure the building blocks of your foundation remain strong.  

Once we have solidified your integrity as the speaker, we work to locate “win moments” and separate you from the pack.  

From Roger: My ambition is to help you discover (or rediscover) the confidence, sense of accomplishment, and pure joy upon leaving the booth…. that you enter with.

Our first session involves some discussion so that we acquire a strong starting point.  But we get into reading copy as quickly as possible and we work commercial copy aggressively from that point forward.  We will cover radio, tv, as well as discussing mic technique and industry strategy.

Participants of all skill levels and experience are welcome.
Prospective students are encouraged to listen and pay attention to the current trends and sounds of commercial advertising that exist today.

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About Roger:

If New York City is the voice-over capital of the world, then Roger Becker is the Mayor. “Hizzoner” has been working steadily in every aspect of the business for two decades. With a background in post production, Roger left that world in the 1990’s to direct talent at a prestigious NYC talent agency. Along with running their in-house studio, he worked in the Broadcast Promotions division to bolster his understanding of talent/producer relationships. In 2005, he returned to directing voice-over full time at a casting house in New York City, eventually accepting the position of vice-president of the company.  He has cast for major accounts in all arenas of the business, from commercial to film to narration to animation…and has taught children and adults about all facets of VO work.


Want to break into the Exciting World of Voiceovers?

Book with Roger