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The Voiceover Actor Road Map: Beginner

What’s Inside Beginner


Module 1

The Business of Voice Over

Learn the Business side of Voicover and what it takes to have a Voiceover Career.

Module Highlights:

  • Jargon and Basics
  • Finding a coach/training/workshops
  • Self education tips and tricks
  • Hobbyist VO vs Professional VO
  • Booths, gear, and mics
  • Various VO verticals
Module 2

The Basics of Voice Over

Learn what Voiceover entails, how to get auditions, and the basics of working a job you book.

Module Highlights:

  • Being a voice over ACTOR
  • Sourcing auditions
  • Self directing auditions and jobs
Module 3

Speaking Authentically Every Time, All the Time

Authenticity is tantamount to your success as a Voiceover Actor. This module covers tools to bring your skills up to the professional level.

Module Highlights:

  • Developing your internal clock
  • Warm ups and the power of routine
  • Vocal cord health
  • Nail the “conversational” tone for commercial