$79.00 USD

The Dreaded Co-Star Audition with Michael Kostroff


January 30
7:00 - 9:00 PM EST
Over Zoom 
According to actor Michael Kostroff (HBO’s The Wire, The Black List, NCIS, Platonic, etc.), co-star auditions are the hardest. And he ought to know; he started his TV career at the co-star level. In “Conquering the Dreaded Co-Star Audition,” he’ll talk about why they’re so challenging, correct some of the bad advice that’s out there, offer better approaches, and coach you through some co-star sides, sharing techniques for finding the hidden clues.
Michael will pull sides for you in advance based on your provided headshot or reel!
Michael Kostroff is a stage, TV, and film actor, best know for his five seasons on The Wire. He’s audition coach, acting teacher, and the creator of the Audition Psych 101 workshop. Kostroff is the author of Letters from Backstage, Audition Psych 101, and The Stage Actor’s Handbook: Traditions, Protocols, and Etiquette for the Working and Aspiring Professional.